Ultimate Triathlon Forster Bike Course Flyover – 60kms out and back twice

The Ultimate Triathlon in Forster is a step up from a half ironman but not quite as grueling as an ironman. The 20km run means that your recovery is faster than a race with a 42.2km run. This is a good hitout three weeks before the Port Macquarie 70.3. It should make the 70.3 a lot more palatable and the 120km bike leg will put you in a good frame of mind when you tackle Port.

Forster Bike Course (you may need a Google Earth plugin for your browser)



Forster Bike Course

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Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.