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Ollie at Huskisson 2012

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Ollie Whistler partners with the Turbo Studio providing the power to perform

By Ollie Whistler

If you’re the time poor amateur trying to juggle sessions between work and a family, or the avid professional racer, we should all be looking to get bang for buck out of every training session. In particular to cycling, the most time consuming discipline, this is an area where I’ve achieved vast time saving’s without any adverse effect on performance. In fact, I’ve managed to reduce my total hours training whilst riding faster and stronger than before. Specificity is the answer to the hours spent rolling around on the roads, wasting valuable time that could be better spent swimming, running, recovering, working or giving back to your family the time sacrificed whilst preparing for your next event.

Ollie at Huskisson 2012

In my case, specificity refers specifically to the use of power – a measurement of wattage. Utilising power to ensure an accurate reading of intensity has become my ultimate training tool and has empowered me to tailor my program to get the utmost from every session. However, it does require a certain level of understanding to know what to do with the numbers, so it’s not just a case of having it in front of you.

I’m thrilled to announce my new partnership with the Turbo Studio, your ultimate training environment, to take advantage of their expertise and help structure race specific sessions into my week, as well as analysing the data correctly and usefully. The Turbo Studio, located near Centennial Park in Sydney, is an indoor training facility that provides access to customised training programs, written by your coach or in-house coaches to best improve your performance for a targeted race. Using only the highest quality power training systems from Computrainer, the Turbo Studio is the best way to develop race specific fitness, and provides the ability to simulate the course you’re racing on without the danger of roads, traffic and unpredictable weather conditions.

After noticing a definite dwindling in my natural ability on the bike, I recognised that it coincided with the removal of specific power interval training from my program. It was upon this observation that I approached Joanne Palazzetti, the owner and face of the great team at the Turbo Studio, to resurrect the typical strength of my cycling. I’m extremely excited about the announcement of our partnership, and it’s given my team and I the confidence that we’re doing the best for my development and progress moving forward.

To all you power mongers out there and those yet to be converted, bang for your buck, this is by far and away the best you can do for your time verses benefit ratio. I’d strongly encourage all of you to check out this amazing facility and let it empower you too, to less time on the racecourse and more to balance your life.

Ollie Whistler

Turbo Studio


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