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Wetsuit Review 2013: Zone3 Vanquish

This is a brand that I am not familiar with, so I was keen to try it. Pulling it out of its mesh bag, the design is simple and smart to the eye. Predominantly shades of gold on black with some purple edging.



Buoyancy appears to be a focus for this suit. Zone3 achieves this by using materials that have air bubbles between fabric layers. The suit doesn’t use many panels with varying fabrics like some other brands do – the fabric with the increased buoyancy seems to be from the chest right down to the knees, keeping you high in the water


Flexibility is encouraged with a very thin and seamless shoulder panel that stretches across the top of the chest – so it essentially goes from elbow to elbow.


The reverse zipper on this one. So you will need a friend to help you. There are various theories for and against a reverse zipper. The choice is really yours as to what your preference is. Fans of the reverse zipper say that it makes getting out of the suit easier and not having the bulk of the zip in your back can allow the suit to arch with your back as opposed to forming a bubble. Whichever direction your zipper goes, you will be able to master getting out of your suit with practice!

Transition speed

Silicon is used in the arm opening for ease in transition. I had no problems getting this suit off.


Standard sizing.

Calf panels and arm catch panels

Catch panels are included to increase surface area. I can see how the fabric used adds friction with the water to achieve this, however it is not a stiff panel, the suit still is flexible in this area. The panel does not go all the way to the arm opening, which should make getting the suit off easier. No visible calf panels.

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Why you want this suit

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