Photos from Ironman Melbourne 2013

Some photos from throughout the day. It was tough for the athletes and the TOs on the bike course due to the huge volume of people exiting the swim at the same time. A very short swim with 2000 athletes was always going to cause problems. There was nothing anyone could do once the race had started.

Our take is that the pros should have been set off for the full 3.8km swim, and the age groupers at least broken in to male and female waves once the pros had started their second lap on the swim. This would have given the bike course a slight reprieve. The second lap looked much better from our view point out on the bike course. The organisers will definitely have to look at the contingencies for this scenario.

Triathlon Australia recommended wave starts for the Port Macquarie 70.3 last year for the same reason. They analysed the previous years age group results and tried to come up with the optimal start order. Whilst this did not alleviate the congestion at the Port 70.3 at least it was just once long pace line and there were not many bunches.

Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0049 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0050 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0051 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0052 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0053 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0054 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0055 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0056 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0057 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0058 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0059 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0060 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0061 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0062 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0063 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0064 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0065 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0066

Ironman-Melbourne-Bike-leg-DSC_0443 Ironman-Melbourne-Bike-leg-DSC_0428 Ironman-Melbourne-Bike-leg-DSC_0420 Ironman-Melbourne-Bike-leg-DSC_0419 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0536 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0548 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0557 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0677 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0679 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0755 Ironman-Melbourne-2013-DSC_0758    Ironman-Melbourne-Run-leg-DSC_0505 Ironman-Melbourne-Run-leg-Thomas-Lowe-DSC_0511 Ironman-Melbourne-Run-leg-Timm-Reed-DSC_0513


Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.

  • Nicole Anderson

    Nice pics of the peletons!!! #draftfest