Want a free pair of HUUB Design’s new Open Water Swimming Google?

Congratulatons to the following four people who will receive a pair of the new HUUB Open water swim googles. We will also send  some of the new LUUB to four people.

Mitchell Kibby – Goggles

Dan Hunt – Goggles

Dee Bradbery – Goggles

Andrew Southwell – Goggles

Mike Gleeson – LUUB

Jeremy Young – LUUB

Annette – LUUB

Angus – LUUB

Wish we had more stuff to giveaway. Thanks for being Trizone readers!


At Trizone we love the team from HUUB Design. They are innovative and exciting. They engage with the sport in a fun and interactive way and always seem to have something new on the drawing boards.

Some of the cool new goggles, suit juice and anit chaff LUUB we have to give away
Some of the cool new goggles, LUUB suit juice and anti chaff LUUB we have to give away

The new Huub swimming goggles are specifically designed for open water swimming and triathlon. The oversized 180 degree, curved lens maximizes swimming visibility, making them perfect for sighting and keeping an eye on competitors during events. The soft TPR single piece frame makes them the perfect choice for longer training swims and they are treated with anti-fog & UV protection.

These stylish goggles are available in small and large frame sizes. The adjustable buckle system allows for quick adjustments and the split strap ensures maximum fit and comfort.


Making good things better
Making good things better


  • Available in 4 frame and lens colour combinations to suit your swimming environment: Clear, Smoke / Black, Smoke / White and Yellow.
  • Anti-fog & UV protection.
  • Adjustable buckle system allows for quick adjustments.
  • Split strap ensures maximum fit and comfort
  • Oversized 180 degree, curved lens maximizes swimming visibility
  • Soft TPR single piece frame

 Check out all the info and the full HUUB Design range of swimming products.

Just remember that this promotion is for Australian and New Zealand residents. We’ll come up with something for our other readers.

We have two large and two small pairs of goggles plus some Suit LUUB and Sport LUUB to giveaway.

This giveaway is now closed.


Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.

  • Jen

    My current goggles don’t match my awesome HUUB wetsuit!

  • I need googles my three girls keep tea leafing mine it so frustrating for me and my swimming

  • Angus

    Cos my current google are so old that I’ve been racing without them and burning my eyes in the salt water at Andrew Boy Charlton pool

  • Mark

    The Tri season is over and now I’ll be swimming in the dark all winter preparing for Noosa. I need all the help I can get!! xx

  • Mick

    my current ones have totally lost their anti fog film so licking them after every 200m is getting quite annoying!

  • Leon

    Because I have my snapped band tied together just to get to swim over the next month.

  • Dom

    About to sign up to do first serious Tri Port Mac 70.3 and need to smash out some big swim sets

  • Tam Bell

    I don’t need them,but I’d love to win them for a mate. He’s just getting into tris…with A LOT of borrowed gear. It would be great if he had a pair of googles to call his own.

  • Shane

    Because my 7 year old daughter has had enough of me taking her goggles. Even worse there pink

  • Matt Nealon

    Goggles are goggles aren’t they? I’ve bought a HUUB wetsuit because of the hype, do I now need the goggles? Hit me up 🙂

  • Rob Hopkinson

    I have used aqua sphere goggles all the time. After reading the reviews this might be the first time that I might make the switch. After buying the huub wetsuit and pull buoy I wouldn’t be surprised that these will be as good

  • wayne williams

    Because im the worst swimmer in the world and i need to at least look good when im floundering my way through triathlons…

  • Mitchell Kibby

    I’m hoping you can prove to me that not all goggles fog up the first time you use them. Have tried all the other brands and they don’t meet expectations… Are Huub any different???

  • Michael Lough

    My cheaper pair are starting to fall apart, causing me to swim in circles instead of straight! The swim is long enough as it is! A new pair might help me go straight and not run into other competitors?

  • I have a mate that always buys the best of everything, I’d dearly love to out goggle him with a fancy new pair of Huub Design goggles. I could then watch him out of the oversized lens as he froths over them.

  • adrian pinkus

    I might not have the best stroke and swim straight due to old foggy goggles ,there is not much I can do with my stroke but a new set goggles would make me go straight and look good.

  • John Watkins

    Goggles look great, but whats the SportLuub and Suitluub for?

    • Karl Hayes

      Basically anti chaffing products.

  • Heidi

    Because, on the weekend at TQ state champs, I was leading a swim pack for the first time (HUUBing it up in my Aura). With no feet to follow, I couldn’t see where I was going in my “other brand” goggles!

  • Ben Nelson

    I train on my comute/training/racing bike, i swim with old goggles, cozzies and am trying to do my first ironman (Cairns) with old stuff. Something new would be a great help.

  • Luke

    With the ovoid shape of my very streamlined head its hard to find goggles that are actually comfortable. Ive tried race goggles, “training” goggles and every pair of goggles in between. Would love to own a pair that are comfortable over long distances.

  • Phil

    Cause I need a good reason to get back in the water after that challenging Melboure IM experience.

  • Alison Ryan

    I need some new goggles because I am yet to find a pair that I like that fit well and I have heard good things about the HUUB ones. And I love swimming in open water, so these sound awesome.

  • TOmmy MOrwood

    these glasses look sexy & im a sexy beast. its a match made in triathlon heaven.

    • Karl Hayes

      Tom, are you off your medication again?

  • Barry

    I keep swimming off course. It must be my current goggles!

  • Phil Benoit

    I have been using eyeline aquamate goggles for 10 years, I would have to given a free pair of goggles to make me change.

  • Dee Bradbery

    Because I want to prove to Spot Anderson you can swim faster with Goggles!

    • Karl Hayes

      Good luck with that one Dee

  • Lorrae

    Last time I swam an Ocean Tri, my goggles kept filling with water. I kept stopping to let water out and consequently found myself head up and very very seasick. I was a DNF, spent 2 hours in Ambulance care throwing up sea water. I blame the leaky goggles.

  • MATE i would love a pair of goggles
    because my swmming needs all the help
    it can get.every time i swim in open water someone rings the rescue heliecopter

  • Mike Gleeson

    One’s curtains should always match one’s carpet. I love my new HUUB Archimedes and these goggles will compliment it perfectly. HUUBA BUBBA!

  • Andrew Southwell

    I need the new HUUB oversized lens for my oversized noggin. Need the soft TPR frame to match my soft work ethic. Need anti fog properties to make me swim and think clearer. And finally a buckle system when I buckle in a training set and go home early!

  • Annette

    Cos I’m a typical triathlete who thinks new stuff will make me go faster!

  • Toni

    Because I’m an ironman geek that spends all our spare cash on triathlon gear and my No 1 support crew/husband would be stoked to not have to fork out for yet another pair of goggles to “try”…

  • Griffo

    the dog ate my goggles and I cant swim without them

  • Michael

    I need the new hubb because I’ve tried everything else and they all leak. Please help me?

  • Pete

    Two different medical conditions have affected the muscles that control my eye movement and ability to focus my vision. Goggles for me are (along with sunnies) my most important piece of technical kit. I’d love to give the HUUB’s a shot!

  • Cambell

    I’m not going to make up some bs story like everyone else. I just want a pair of these goggles because they look plain awesome. No tear jerking story sorry.

  • Jeremy Young

    I love my Archimedes 3:5, and am keen to see how you’ve bettered the traditional goggle. Looking forward to getting my hands on some!! And some LUUB too!

  • Andrew Perelson

    I love my old goggles, but stopping every 100m to defog is annoying, and visibility is limited. I’d love to try a pair of Huub.