The family that Ironman’s together stays together

PORT MACQUARIE, NSW (April 29, 2013) – The Eisenhuth family certainly embody the old adage, “the family that plays together, stays together.”

And for the Eisenhuth family, Ironman Triathlon is the only way to play.

Dad Paul was the first to catch the Ironman bug completing his first race in 1994, he quickly infected the rest of the family with his wife Joan the next to try her hand at the toughest one day endurance event in the world.

Then like a bad virus it wasn’t long before the whole family were infected.

“Dad was the first to compete and did his first Ironman in 1994 and has competed every year since bar four due to injuries and/or not registering in time. This year will be his 15th IRONMAN Australia, Port Macquarie,” daughter Katie said.

“Mum was the next to join in and would have been competing in her 15th this year alongside Dad. However, was involved in a car accident mid last year which resulted in spinal surgery. She will no longer be able to compete in Ironman events.

“My brother Daniel started in 2007 and did 5 consecutive races – however, along with mum was involved in a car accident last year and with a new born and wedding to plan was unable to get back into training and will not be competing this year. He will be back next year.

“This will be my second race and my toughest without Mum and Dan to train alongside.”

If there was someone taking entries for next year’s race at the finish line of an Ironman it would sell out on the spot. There is no other place like it in the world, the sense of achievement is contagious, and when you see all manner of people finishing a race it’s hard not to think that you too could become an Ironman, no matter who you are.

This is exactly how Katie ended up joining the Eisenhuth “family business.”

“The bug was pretty contagious after Mum did her first, from there with our older brother in the UK deciding that if Mum and Dad could do these races so could he – with limited training completing the Nice Ironman.  Our family and in particular the boys being as competitive as they are my brother Daniel decided that if Tom could do it so could he.  Dan took to training like it was a walk in the park and is by far the strongest member of the family,” she said

“It took a little bit more convincing to get me out there but after years of watching Mum and Dad compete along with hundreds of other men and woman crawl, hobble, cry, laugh and jump across that finish line it was something deep down I wanted to be able to say I had done.  So with mum in my ear saying that we could be the first Mother, Daughter, Father & Son (Brother / Sister) to compete (as far as she knew) I finally gave in and we all did Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie in 2012, something we will never forget. “

Katie is looking forward to racing alongside her Dad this year, and the rest of the family will be there cheering them on.

“If I was anywhere near Dad towards the finish chute I would like nothing more than to run/hobble/crawl up that finish shoot alongside him. But I’ll be honest – if I can beat him I will also happily stand along the finish line with a nice glass of wine cheering him over the line.”

IRONMAN Australia, Port Macquarie will be held on Sunday, May 5, 2013.

For further event details:

The 226km race will take place in Port Macquarie and the surrounding regions of Camden Haven. The course will include a 3.8km swim in the Hastings River, 180km bike from the city centre extending along the stunning coast line followed by a 42.2km run to the Ironman Australia finish line, located at Town Green.


Media Release from Ironman Australia


Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.