Caroline Steffen takes out the MetaMan Bintan $142,000 Triathlon


By Christie Sym

Congratulations to Caroline Steffen of teamTBB who yesterday took out the MetaMan Triathlon on the Indonesian island of Bintan. Caroline proved her fitness as she prepares for the Ironman World Championships in six weeks, dominating the field in extremely hot conditions.

Steffen has put a lot of work into her swim over the past two months, and went into this race with the goal of having a swim she knows she is capable of. Steffen is an ex-swimmer and was honest in admitting she was a little embarrassed of her swim times of late. Finding herself on feet early in the swim, Steffen swam alongside Kiwi Gina Crawford, with both women coming out of the water amongst the lead males. This is the first time Steffen has found herself amongst the lead male group, and thus was happy to see her hard work in the pool paying dividends.

Xena powered away from the field on her new bike and dialed in position, something she has been working closely on after some discomfort last season

Xena powered away from the field on her new bike and dialed in position, something she has been working closely on after some discomfort last season

A new bike after Roth saw a review of her position, with Steffen stating she “was never happy with my bike setup last year. This was a test of the new setup and it went really well.” It appears Steffen did in fact gain more comfort and power from the new position aboard her Cervelo P5, powering away from Crawford, and most of the professional males for that matter. The MetaMan bike course is ideal for Caroline who revels in undulating courses where she can use her power to gain advantage up moderate inclines without getting out of the saddle.

Generally racing by feel, Steffen made the decision to race with a heart rate monitor and to focus on a strong swim/bike combination. The goal was always to win, but hopefully being able to save something in reserve on the run with Kona in mind, only six weeks away. With this plan executed successfully, Steffen was able to run comfortably, and reported feeling great after the race.

Tonight Steffen heads to the island of Cozumel in Mexico, where she joins her team mates of teamTBB and coach Brett Sutton, for her final preparation in the islands hot and windy conditions.

Gina Crawford had to settle for second place, and did this comfortably with the day’s second fastest bike split and a 3:22:45 marathon. Crawford was also using this race as preparation for Kona, and what better conditions to practice in! The proze money was also a motivation and with her new race strategy taking shape this was a great place to test it out further.

One curve ball that Gina faced was an unknown person, who may or may not have been her husband, had removed the handlebar tape from the side horns on her aerobars. This meant that every time Gina stood up out of her saddle to climb her hands were slippery and she was not getting any grip. The bike course was 90kms of undulation so there was a lot of climbing.

Gina Crawford had a good hit out leading into Kona, finishing in 2nd behind Caroline Steffen

Gina Crawford had a good hit out leading into Kona, finishing in 2nd behind Caroline Steffen

Speaking of Gina’s handlebars we noticed that Gina has a picture of her son on the right hand side of her handlebars and a picture of her husband and her son on the left hand side. She gets a lot of motivation from these.

Next up for Gina is the Sunshine Coast 70.3 and then Kona.

2012 defending champion Candice Hammond, also of New Zealand finished in third, posting fastest marathon of the day in 3:19:40 to finish ten minutes behind Crawford. Candice looked strong all day on the run and never faltered.

In fourth place was Belinda Granger who, whilst looking laboured on the bike when we were out on the course with her, seemed to handle the run with relative ease and didn’t look troubled all day.

New Zealand based German, Simone Maier finished 5th overall after succumbing to a mechanical out on bike course. Maier ran a solid 3:29. Maier heads off to join her New Zealand teammates in China for two adventure races. Maier loves adventure racing. It suits her ‘outgoing’ adventure loving personality.

Runner up at this year’s Ironman Australia, Ange Castle, rounded out the pro women’s field with a slower than normal marathon. Ange looked great during the first half of the marathon but slowed as the heat and the race took it’s toll. Castle is usually a ‘smiley’ runner but we didn’t see it in the second half of the run in Bintan.


Media Release: teamTBB

31st August 2013

Xena, aka Caroline Stefffen, the Princess Warrior was crowned champion of Metaman this weekend! Racing against a strong but small field, Caroline made the racing look easy as she swam, biked, and ran her way to a dominate victory finishing in 4th overall. Caroline started the day with an amazing swim where she exited with the lead males and other top female Gina Crawford. Once on the bike, Xena took control and rode away from Gina and the other women getting off the bike with a dominate lead. She ran conservatively cautious of the heat and her big race in Kona in 6 weeks. On the men’s side, David Dellow had a solid swim and bike then was forced to withdraw on the run due to stomach issues. However, Dave was able to get in a vital hard swim and bike that will serve him well in Kona this October.

Aussie Belinda Granger loves racing in the Asian heat, finishing 4th here today

Aussie Belinda Granger loves racing in the Asian heat, finishing 4th here today

Xena reported in to say:

“Very happy with my first MetaMan race here in beautiful Bintan Indonesia. What a great course, what a awesome event, what a huge support out there all day. It was a great last test in the heat for be before Kona. Best swim ever, got out of water with the first group of PRO male. Absolutely loved the bike course, there was only one flat section of maybe 10km, the rest was up and down like a roller coaster. The run was a controlled shufflle. Motto: “get the km in your legs and the money in your pocket. Thank you MetaSport for a awesome weekend. We need more Tri races around the globe like that!!!!”

Congrats on the win Xena! We can’t wait to see you dominate on the Big Island in the World Championships in 6 short weeks!


Women’s results:

Name Finish Time Swim Bike Run Position Overall Pos.
Caroline Steffen 9:13:57 0:50:52 4:49:39 3:29:39 1 4
Gina Crawford 9:28:17 0:50:54 5:11:52 3:22:45 2 5
Candice Hammond 9:38:48 1:04:39 5:12:15 3:19:40 3 7
Belinda Granger 10:02:45 0:58:32 5:16:00 3:45:46 4 9
Simone Maier 10:11:48 1:04:44 5:34:12 3:29:55 5 11
Ange Castle 10:32:05 1:04:43 5:20:08 4:04:23 6 12



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