Win a Henty Wingman – The ultimate cycling commuter accessory

Trizone and the team behind the very cool range of Henty bags are giving one lucky Australian based reader the chance to win a Henty Wingman. All you have to do is tell us in 50 words or less why you need one of these seriously cool accessories. Just add a comment using the comments box below the article and one lucky reader will be picked. Winner will be chosen on November 30, 2013.

Henty-logo-TransparentThe Wingman is the ultimate accessory for anyone who commutes on a bicycle. Take your suit, shirts, pants, dress whatever it is that you wear when you get there and in addition the gear you wear before you get there can be stored in the water proof inner bag. Sweaty clothes and runners can be safely tucked away from your bag of fruit. (Watch the video below)


We have put it through its paces and have found that it covers almost every need you have. The suit / shirt / dress bag wraps around an inner bag that is perfect for carrying a lot of gear. Runners, work shoes, ipad, undies, in fact anything that you need to take with you.

A great bag to ride with
A great bag to ride with

On the outside of the suit bag is a zip that opens a ‘laptop’ bag like compartment. This has a padded ipad pocket along with numerous other pockets for pens, cards and anything else you feel you need to take with you.

The suit compartment comes with a quality coathanger that can be removed. There isn’t much else you can say about hanging clothes.

We really liked the bag that is in the middle of this setup. It is big enough to fit a pair of runners and a pair of work shoes or high heels (so we’ve have been told). This ‘middle’ bag is made out of a water proof material. A thick vinyl type material (possibly not the technical term) that would keep rain out or sweat from your legend making training gear in.

The bag hangs over your shoulder and sits on your back really well with the aid of some internal padding. There are a couple of other straps that clip around your stomach to keep the bag in place.

This looks like the perfect Christmas present as well!

The Wingman retails for AUD$179.95. Henty will ship worldwide. Click here to buy.







Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.

  • Christopher Brame

    I ride my bike 40 minutes to and from the train station each day to commute to work. I’ve resorted to covering my bag with a tarp, which makes my ride ten times harder. The Wingman is exactly what I need.

  • Clare

    I’m a frequent flyer, a regular road traveller and a cyclical cyclist. Yet my packing method is scrunch, shove, squash. As a result I’m frequently seen in creased clothing, crushed hats and sometimes tears at having broken treasures from my travels. I need Hetty’s help.

  • Joseph Kane

    The Henty Wingman looks to be “The Business” for work commuters like me. I hate getting into the car on rainy days. A bag than can take all the gear I need for work to look the part and still allow me to ride everywhere in all conditions. Perfect

  • As a budding triathlete, I balance two jobs with my training. A PT by day and Restaurant Manager by night all of which done with my commute on my bike. As a PT it is fine wearing dri fit clothes; but I arrive at the restaurant and am forced to iron my shirt on a desk with an iron that has seen better days. The Henty Wingman looks perfect, just what I need! I’ll be sure to model it well and tell all I see.

  • Duncan Nass

    Crease free clothing commuting can be a challenge on a bike. I usually hang my shirt off my back pack and as a result I’ve lost 3 shirts to the wind, 1 to bird poo and half to be chewed up by my chain. Henty is a chance for shirt sustainability.

  • Barry Lipp

    Suits my cycling.

  • Sarah

    Everyone needs a good wingman (or wingwoman) to keep them looking sharp, make sure they don’t lose anything and to always have their back.

  • The perfect bag for a cyclist like me. I used to ride my bike going to work.