Dead Kooks collaborate with Attaquer to produce a new range of cycling clothing

Dead Kooks vs Attaquer.

Dead Kooks is a custom surfboard label from Lennox Head, run by Eden Saul. With a focus on functional shapes and distinctive aesthetic, Dead Kooks locally produces hand shaped custom boards, of the highest quality.

You will find Eden’s Dead Kooks boards underneath guys like Clayton Fettell, Tim Berkel and Luke Mackenzie.

Dead Kooks Attaquer - three guys standingAttaquer is a Sydney based boutique cycling apparel company, producing high-end cycling kit, manufactured in Italy. Designed for the discerning customer who isn’t afraid to stand out. The duo behind Attaquer, Stevan Musulin and Greg Hamer, say their kits aren’t just made to look good, they are constructed to the highest standard in quality, performance, comfort and fit.

How did the Dead Kooks vs Attaquer collaboration come about?

With a passion for cycling and background in triathlon, Eden of Dead Kooks wanted to marry his passion for the sea with his other love of the road. While at the same time the boys from Attaquer were looking for a way to combine the joy of surfing, with their all consuming love for cycling.

Dead Kooks and Attaquer respect what each other are doing in their field, and have a mutual admiration for one another’s products. Both labels enjoy the sports of cycling and surfing, so it made sense to work on a project which could combine some of these things, With Dead Kooks making boards for any of the top Australian triathletes this collaboration brings it all together.

This collaboration carries on the values of creating a distinctive aesthetic while offering a product of the highest quality, integral to Both the Dead Kooks and Attaquer labels.

Dead Kooks Attaquer -back Dead Kooks Attaquer front

We hope you’ll enjoy this limited edition collaboration kit.

Shop online at Dead Kooks

DEAD KOOKS VS ATTAQUER from Kaius Potter on Vimeo.

See the full range of some of the coolest cycling gear going at Attaquer




Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.