Hawaii Retroman 2014 – Run, Cycle and Swim the original Ironman course

January 14, 2014 (Sydney, Australia) – Leading international triathlon and cycling travel company Tri Travel has today announced a unique triathlon-inspired event tour that will provide triathletes with the chance to complete the swim, bike and run courses that comprised the very first Ironman event, held on Oahu, Hawaii in 1978.

The event and tour, affectionately known as ‘Retroman’ will take place from August 26-September 2, 2014 with the swim, bike and run components completed over three days of the US Labor Day long weekend.

The event will see participants run the original marathon course on Saturday August 30, 2014 with the event conducted exclusively for Retroman participants. The run component of the event is conducted in groups with a four-hour, five-hour and six-hour group providing opportunities for runners of all abilities.

John Maclean will be there
John Maclean will be there

On Sunday August 31, Retroman participants will race in the Dick Evans Memorial cycle race (originally the Around Oahu Bike Race), which is a 180km USA Cycling sanctioned event around the island of Oahu. Retroman participants will join hundreds of Hawaiian cyclists in this event, which starts in Hawaii Kai and navigates a large portion of Oahu, including riding along the famed surfing mecca of the North Shore.

To round out the three legs, Retroman participants will swim in the legendary 3.8km Waikiki Roughwater Swim on Monday September 1, 2014. This iconic swim begins at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki Beach with participants swimming parallel to Waikiki Beach to the finish line at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

“This tour and event is a fantastic opportunity for any triathlete to participate in a little bit of history. There is no more famed triathlon in the world than the Hawaii Ironman and this is a chance to go back in time, so to speak, to re-trace the very origins of an iconic race,” said Shane Smith, Director of Tri Travel.

“Just like the fact that the events will be completed over three days, Retroman is a very different event to most long course triathlons. We have put together a tour that places just as much emphasis on the social aspects of being in Hawaii and making sure we balance the swim, bike and run components with all of the great things that Hawaii has to offer for visitors.”

Retroman 2014 expands on an event produced by the John Maclean Foundation in 2009 where a small group of nine Australian participants competed in all three events on the labour day long weekend while raising funds for the John Maclean Foundation, which provides funding support for young Australian wheelchair users. The 2014 event tour will again support the John Maclean Foundation (JMF) with a percentage of registrations fees being donated to JMF, as well as participants having the opportunity to raise funds for JMF via their participation.

This will be a pretty cool tour!
This will be a pretty cool tour!

John Maclean, legendary wheelchair athlete, Hawaii Ironman Hall of Famer and founder of the John Maclean Foundation will be one of the special guests on the 2014 Retroman tour, taking part in the Waikiki Roughwater Swim and supporting participants throughout the tour. Maclean will also be joined by triathlon royalty in Dave Orlowski, who finished third in the original 1978 race in Hawaii. Orlowski will provide a real sense of nostalgia on tour, being able to regale with participants about the original race and compete alongside Retroman participants.

Athletes from across the globe are eligible to register for the tour. There are strictly limited places available for the 2014 tour and participants are urged to register immediately in order to avoid disappointment. More information is available by calling the Tri Travel office on 1800 225 022 or emailing [email protected].



Tri Travel are the world’s leading triathlon tour operators providing athletes with quality tours to Ironman, Challenge, ITU and specialist triathlon events across the globe. Each year, Tri Travel plays hosts to more than 150 Australian’s at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and has more than 100 years combined experience in the management of triathlon events and triathlon travel. In 2014 Tri Travel launched cycling tours to the Tour De France under the VeloTours brand, providing cyclists with opportunity to ride some of the world’s most famed cycling routes and see the Tour de France peloton live in action. More information about Tri Travel is available at www.tritravel.com.au.


The John Maclean Foundation (JMF) was founded by legendary wheelchair athlete, and Hawaii Ironman Hall of Fame inductee, John Maclean and supports the families of young Australian wheelchair users whose children desperately require support. In many cases the families are surviving on extremely low incomes and Government assistance and incurring extraordinary costs associated with the welfare of their child. JMF provides financial assistance to purchase items such as new wheelchairs, vehicle and house modifications, surgery and medical assistance, computers, remedial aids or any item that improves the quality of life for the child and their family. JMF provides support on a national basis and assists children who experience paraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and similar conditions. More information is available at www.jmf.com.au.

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Head of Rest and Recovery

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