Thorsten Radde TriRating Report 2013 – Analyse of 2013 Ironman Professionals

This is the third time that Thorsten Radde has released an ‘end-of-year’ report. He looks back at the 2013 Ironman full distance races and analyses the results.

The Report has more than 60 pages, including:

  • Top 10 Ratings (overall and individually for swim, bike and run)
  • Top 10 Performances (by ‘clock time’ and by his normalized times)
  • 2013 Money List
  • A closer look at the KPR in general and the changes for 2014
  • A first look forward to Kona 2014

And a ton of race results and all rated athletes!


Thorsten continues to offer the report for free (just enter 0 in the ‘Name a fair prize’ field you get after clicking ‘I want this’). However, if you like the report, it would be great if you can send Thorsten a few bucks. (For comparison, the high-gloss triathlon magazines sell for about $5 to $15.)

You can follow Thorsten on twitter by clicking here.

Contents of the report:

  • Long Distance Trivia Questions
  • Rating Analysis 2013 – Male Athletes
  • Rating Analysis 2013 – Female Athletes
  • Best Swimmers, Bikers and Runners
  • TOP 10 Performances 2013
  • Fastest 2013 Results
  • 2013 Money List
  • How the Kona Pro Ranking works
  • 2014 Changes to Kona Pro Ranking
  • 2014 Race Calendar
  • Looking forward to Kona 2014 – First Predictions
  • Course Ratings
  • Fast Couples
  • 2013 Race Results
  • All Rated Athletes




Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.