An eye to the future of triathlon in Australia

At Trizone we have known Corey Bacon for a number of years and have seen him tirelessly trek around the Elite Energy triseries in NSW amongst other events with a large team from very young juniors to the more established elite triathletes along with a few more mature athletes. One of the things we like is his very caring, friendly yet competitive attitude.

We also have a close personal relationship with paratriathlete Jonathan Goerlach and have been following his triathlon career closely. Sometimes to close when trying to keep up with Jonathan at track sessions in Nowra or running the streets of Culburra and having to remember to call any possible trip hazards.

Corey Bacon is one of the good guys and someone who deserves all the success with his latest career move which sees him leave corporate life and move in to triathlon full time.

Lisa Schofield spent some time with Corey to find out a little more about what it takes to bring home the bacon .

By Lisa Schofield

The future of Australian Triathlon is looking good with people like Corey Bacon and his elite triathlon training squad in the system. Performance Triathlon Coaching (PTC) is based in Canberra where Corey has created a hub for age group and elite triathletes. His talented young team are already taking top honours on podiums in Australia and overseas.

As a former national and international triathlon representative, Corey knows what it takes to perform at a high level. He has been showing the same tenacity and determination in identifying talent and building his squad as he did when he was competing. It is paying off not only in the results his squad are producing but also with the recognition of his coaching achievements.

Jonathan with Macca and coach Corey Bacon in Huskisson 20113
Paratriathlete Jonathan Goerlach with Macca and coach Corey Bacon in Huskisson 20113

In addition to his fulltime role as Head Coach of the PTC squad, and thanks to his work with paratriathlete squad member Jonathan Goerlach, as well as Michael Milton, Corey has been appointed as the Australian Elite Paratriathlon teams Head Coach. PTC has also been identified by Triathlon Australia as one of only five State Performance Centre’s in the country, with Corey appointed the State Performance Coach for the ACT.

Nominated for 2014 Triathlon Australia Coach of the Year for Age Group was an honour that Corey was extremely grateful to have received. “I look at my role, not just as a coach, but as a friend and a mentor,” says Corey. “Because I am a parent, I often find myself taking on that role for the younger members of my squad when their parents aren’t around”. Corey does more than just walk the talk – he’s competed with his team, he runs alongside them as they compete and he naturally supports them wherever and whenever they need him. As a result, PTC is a talented squad which could hold its own anywhere in Australia.

Performance Triathlon Coaching is open to everybody, yet has a strategic focus on establishing a pathway for young athletes. Starting with the ‘PTC Mini’s’ (7-13 yr), the ‘Tri Squad’ (all years Age Groupers and all distances), and the Performance Squad for those elite triathletes at the top of their game, there is a clear continuum to focus on.

When Corey talks about his squad, he does so with passion and complete belief in what they’re capable of. He knows that he’s working with natural talent, and there is an excitement in his voice when he talks about their futures. This is real and this is happening.

And with young athletes like Ellie Hoitink (14), Grace Hoitink (17), Liam Burton (16) in the Elite Squad, PTC is firmly in the sightlines of Triathlon Australia. ““I have some incredible talent in my squad,” says Corey. “My job is to produce stars of the future and that’s what I’m striving to do.”

“I’ve always wanted to help everybody. That’s just me. I want to help people into this sport and I want them to get to a level that they want to reach regardless of their ability.”

“That’s what I love to do.”

Anyone can learn to be a coach but there are certain qualities that make a coach, and this is where Corey really shines.

“There is nothing more rewarding than coaching. I get so much out of coaching and seeing my athletes perform at the top of their game, it’s so rewarding and I’m so proud to be part of such a talented group of athletes.

“That’s what makes me get up every morning and go to training in -2C during a Canberra winter,” says Corey.

“I know that my team are there, waiting for me.”


Lisa Schofield
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