New Course for European Championships at Challenge Poznan 2016

28 SEPTEMBER 2015 – Enea CHALLENGE POZNAN 2015 was a record-breaking event in Poland with more than 3,500 athletes and almost 20,000 spectators. Plans for 2016 are even more spectacular with the ETU European Long Distance Championship as well as popular half-distance, relays, junior and short course races with an expected 6,000 participants over the three-day celebration of sport on 22-24 July 2016.

“The 2015 triathlon season has been completed, it’s time to start preparing for the next challenge – the organization of the largest triathlon event in this part of Europe,” said Wojciech KruczyÅ„ski, president of Endusport and organiser of Enea CHALLENGE POZNAN. “It will be a unique project in which next to the biggest stars of world triathlon you will see amateurs, enthusiasts and people who are just starting their adventure with the sport. That is just the beauty of the triathlon. CHALLENGE POZNAN 2016 has something for everyone,” adds KruczyÅ„ski.

Poznan is the perfect place to host this type of event. Well connected both by the air and road, with a prepared and well-maintained infrastructure, hotel accommodation and nice restaurants. “Poznan has the perfect conditions to host triathlon – big Malta Lake almost in the city centre, flat and wide roads which take you out of the city, ideal for cycling routes as well as interesting and picturesque streets in the old town, where a spectacular run will showcase the beauty of Poznan,” said Zibi Szlufcik, CHALLENGE FAMILY CEO.

All these advantages have been taken into consideration when designing the new route for CHALLENGE POZNAN 2016. Both bike and running courses will be modified. As this year, the swim takes place in Malta Lake, while the bike course will now finish in the heart of Poznan’s old town – T2 will be located in the courtyard of the Poznan Town Hall. Further, the runners will start their race performing loops touching on Lake Malta with a spectacular finish at the Liberty Square. Triathletes will discover Poznan with its streets, interesting history and landmarks.

And the fast nature of the course, combined with the European Championships, will firmly putCHALLENGE POZNAN on the map. “In Poznan we have excellent conditions for all triathletes who love speed. The flat, wide courses will make the competition for the title of European Champion very exciting to the last metres,” said Kruczyński.

In next year’s championship both: pros and amateurs are more than welcome, so everyone will have the opportunity to face the best triathletes in the Old Continent. Registration is open at



Karl Hayes

Head of Rest and Recovery

Karl is a keen age group triathlete who races more than he trains. Good life balance! Karl works in the media industry in Australia and is passionate about the sport of triathlon.