The Ventum One Triathlon Bike is starting to gain traction as elite professionals join Ventum’s 2016 roster

We love bikes that push the envelope and try new things. We’ve been watching the Ventum evolve. It is interesting to see Ventum going the opposite way of the new wave of Beam bikes.

There’s no doubt we would love to get on one and see how it goes!

Ventum LLC has officially announced its roster of sponsored athletes for 2016 recently. These top athletes will compete on the Ventum One, a triathlon racing bike that delivers greater results through radical design and better aerodynamics.

The roster consists of nine elite triathletes from across long distance racing, all of whom have multiple triathlon wins and podium finishes. Athletes joining the roster say the Ventum One’s extreme performance, achieved with a radical, aerodynamic design, no downtube, and an integrated 1.4-liter water tank is what makes the bike so attractive to ride.

The Ventum One excels first and foremost in aerodynamics. The frame is designed to be more aerodynamic than standard triathlon bikes and the wind tunnel data confirms this, says Kevin Collington, who raced on the Ventum One in 2015 as well. Secondly, the built-in hydration is outstanding. With the Ventum, I know I will get to T2 (the transition from biking to running) hydrated, fueled, and ready to run.”

Other athletes using the Ventum One include: Leanda Cave, a four-time triathlon world champion; Cameron Dye, who last season won TriRock Philly for the fourth year in a row, and had podium finishes at IRONMAN Silverman 70.3 and IRONMAN 70.3 Timberman; Cody Beals, a relative newcomer to the professional scene who has become a regular on the podium and took his first win at IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman in 2015; Eimear Mullen, who last season raced her way to a new Irish record at IRONMAN Barcelona; AJ Baucco, a coach and professional triathlete who won the Cleveland Triathlon in 2015; Lauren Brandon, who has a competitive swim background and took her first podium spot at IRONMAN 70.3 Calgary in 2015; Justin Daerr, a coach with multiple top-10 finishes and a win at IRONMAN Boulder in 2014; and Greg Close, a coach who has represented the U.S. at World Championships three times, earning a silver medal in 2007 and a world title in 2008 Cameron Dye says he chose the Ventum One simply because it’s the fastest bike out there. “I have very lofty goals for myself, such as winning a world title. I think riding the fastest bike on the market can only enhance my chances of making those goals a reality.

Triathlon has been gaining immense popularity over the past two decades, especially the long-distance IRONMAN triathlon competitions. The USA Triathlon Annual Membership Report shows 170,000 members in 2014. There are over 6 million worldwide participants, according to Triathlon Canada. Ventum’s response to the market is a race-ready bike for profesional and amateaur triathlon athletes alike.

I have no excuse to not ride at my best aboard a Ventum, says athlete Cody Beals. There’s confidence in knowing that none of my competitors have a technological edge on me.

About Ventum

Ventum is on a mission to build the world’s fastest racing bicycles, starting with the Ventum One. The Ventum One is a triathlon bicycle designed specifically for maximum performance in non-draft-legal races, including IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 triathlons. The Ventum One,  inspired by fighter jets and Formula One race cars, eschews traditional bicycle frame design in favor of improved aerodynamics.

Ventum LLC was founded by Jimmy Seear and Diaa Nour. Seear is a professional triathlete and previously ranked #1 in the world. Together they are shaking up the triathlon bicycle market and changing how athletes think of fast bikes.


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