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Dimond Bikes Launches new Marquise Triathlon and TT model

With the world of ‘Beam Bikes’ hotting back up we have seen the launch of two new models this week in Kona.

The team at Dimond have taken their already proven and successful bike to another level with the launch of the Marquise model. This bike is a triathletes dream with additional storage and the insulated 1.5lt hydration solution.

The top tube houses a large storage compartment that allows up to 700mls of storage. This is more than enough to cater for a long ride. In addition the 1.5lt ‘Ice Chest’ will keep your liquids colder for longer. The internal hydration system is a much welcomed addition to a triathlon bike. It adds to the streamlined nature of the bike. The toolkit at the bottom of the frame and just above the front drive train is also a great addition. Whilst you will struggle to get too much in to this compartment by the looks of the photos at least you’ll fit in a tube, tyre levers and a C02 cartridge. Possibly the ‘Lunchbox’ could fit some more gear in such as another tube and cartridge.

There is no doubt that the new wave of Beam Bikes are making a lot of noise and are not just the makings of mad engineers in dark corners. Watch this space!






Media Release:

The Queen K sets the stage for the unveiling of the new Dimond Marquise (märˈkēz), the latest evolution to be unearthed from the Dimond Mine in Des Moines, Iowa. This new cut of Dimond is their crown jewel. It improves on the first two iterations from the renaissance-inducing brand, giving new meaning to the innovation, performance and sophistication that Dimond is known for.

The Marquise effortlessly marries the comfort, aerodynamics and superb handling of Dimond’s 2016 Brilliant with abundant internal storage and sleek design. The frame comes standard with three new storage compartments.The Lunchbox offers 700ml of storage for pre-packaged nutrition easily accessed through the top of the beam, and the Ice Chest offers an insulated cavity of up to 1.5L for the hottest days on the road. Dimond’s TOTES (Tools Or Technical Equipment Storage) system equips riders with an enclosed area specific for emergency situations. The Marquise also tests faster than its already proven predecessor, and this hat trick of integrated storage makes it the bike of a triathlete’s dreams. More information on the storage capabilities and aerodynamic performance of the Marquise can be found in the white paper on

Matt Cymanski, Chief Engineer for Dimond Bikes, believes the Marquise builds upon the impressive features of the original Brilliant frame. “The Marquise has been a long time in the making. Fortunately, the original Dimond was a great base model to work with, and we learned a lot about how to make a great bicycle,” says Cymanski. “The Marquise was designed from the start to carry everything you need on race day, including a rider, while continuing to display the unmatched ride feel Dimond has become known for providing.” Bold yet sophisticated, the new Dimond Marquise is just as fast on race day as it is in the wind tunnel. Whether out on the open road for a training ride or being chased by a field of competitors, this stealth machine opens up a new world for triathletes around the globe.

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The layup schedule and procedure for the Marquise was significantly reworked, resulting in a stronger and more efficient bike. Dimond partnered with STRUCTeam, a composite materials expert, to strategically improve the ride quality and performance of the new Dimond frame. TJ Tollakson, CEO of Dimond Bikes and professional triathlete, is proud of the innovation of the new frame. “The partnership with STRUCTeam allowed Dimond to consider new carbon layup methods. They are world-class composite experts, and their role in this project has resulted in the fastest, best performing bike on the market,” says Tollakson.