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First time pro-racer Lindsay Lawry talks about how he got to the start line

This Sunday will see Lindsay Lawry take on his first pro 70.3, and he’s set to make an impact in the field. Trizone caught up with Lindsay to see how he made it to the pro ranks.

Lindsay Lawry, who has a background in surfing and surf lifesaving, has just acquired his pro license in 2017, and he couldn’t be more ready as he gears up for his first pro race. “I started triathlon properly about two and a half years ago. Last year was a really big step for me,” Lindsay told Trizone.

“I spent the first year just trying to learn how to ride a bike in a race, and how to run off it. I could always swim because I’m a surfer.”

A turning point in speed and power came last year when Lawry trained for six weeks with Michael Raelert in Thailand. “He gave me so much motivation,” said Lawry. “He taught me what to do in the races. After that, I decided to give it everything and started with a new coach, Marcus, then finally got my pro license!”

Lawry has put in the work to turn pro

With his sights set firmly on Kona in the future, Lawry is now fully immersed in triathlon, but it didn’t start that way. “Early last year I was putting in the work, but nothing was going my way,” he said. “I was getting sick and injured, I got disqualified and I even crashed in a race. But I just kept pushing through and here I am.”

Interestingly, Lawry’s best race wasn’t a podium winning event. “The first proper half marathon I put together was the first time I’d really run properly. I felt good the whole way and came second to Ryan Fisher. I felt better about that race than when I won Noosa,” he added. “It was just one of those races where you feel unstoppable. I got off the bike and felt so good.”

Since then, Lawry has competed in the 70.3 in Malaysia, and on the Sunshine Coast to name just a few. “I was stoked how I went on the Sunshine Coast,” he recalled. “It was good to see my training had paid off. I’ve come a long way since the start of the year.”

Heavy hills prepare Lawry for Geelong

Lindsay has been putting in some excruciatingly difficult bike work in preparation for Geelong 70.3 this Sunday. “I usually do a big bike loop on the Gold Coast with a group of really strong cyclists,” he said. “I know if I can keep up with those guys on the hills, I can hopefully keep up with the likes of Jake and Josh this weekend.”

Every Saturday, Lawry’s usual cycling loop includes three twenty minute climbs. Straight off the bike, he then goes for an intense 30 minute run. The first ten minutes at 330 pace (90%), then ten minutes at 340 pace (80%), followed by another ten minutes at 330 pace.

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After the run, he tends to rest until the afternoon, and then he goes for another forty minute light run at 440 pace later in the day. “It’s hard training. When I finish that ride with those cyclists, it feels like getting off the bike after a race,” said Lindsay.

Lindsay Lawry’s goals for Geelong 70.3

“For me, it’s about race experience,” says Lindsay. “I’m looking forward to being in the race and seeing how the pack moves. I want to have a good start, and get out the front on the swim.” Well aware of strong swimmers Amberger, Montgomery, Wilson and Fettell, Lawry is hoping to stay close on their heels. “I just really hope I can hang onto them. I want to have a good transition, and I want to settle into their pace on the bike. If I feel good I might have a go, but we’ll see,” said Lawry.

With key sponsors Camino, Ceramic Speed, Newton Shoes and Aqua Shot supporting him, Lindsay Lawry is keen to make Geelong 70.3 his best race yet.

Trizone wishes this brand new pro the best of luck for this Sunday!