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International Triathlon Union Releases New Rules for 2018

The executive board of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) met in Edmonton and approved a few new rules for triathlon competitions under their umbrella. The restrictions take effect on 10th January 2018.

Some of the new rules govern behaviour on the course. Others change the way triathletes are ranked, eligibility requirements, and bike penalty box activities.

We summarise some of the more notable rules here. Scroll down for a link to ITU’s PDF document, where they highlight all new rules in green.

No communication devices for participants. These include cell phones, two-way radios, and smartwatches if ITU determines they will “distract the athlete from paying full attention to their surroundings.” There may be exceptions for phone cameras and other types of photo and video recording devices, but only if ITU, or the event’s license holder, grants permission.

You cannot assist other triathletes during the race. If you physically assist a fellow participant in a way that gives them an advantage, both people will be disqualified.

Some classes of triathletes must be evaluated annually. This one appears in the “Health” section of the new rules. An annual pre-participation evaluation (PPE) will be mandatory for Junior, U23, Youth, Elite, and Paratriathlon races. ITU will penalise violators with a delayed start determined by the length of the course. This rule begins the first day of 2018.

Clothing will be further restricted. Trisuits must be made with textiles. If you wear two swim caps, the official one needs to be on the outside. The other must be unbranded. ITU also limited the allowable space on uniforms reserved for sponsor logos. Scroll down to read the official document for more clothing restrictions.

Disk brakes are allowed. The prohibition on the use of disk brakes on bicycles has been lifted.

The ITU has further clarified its overtaking and dangerous riding rules. They get fairly wordy, so it’s best to get these rules straight from the horse’s mouth before you get to the start line.

World Cups will not affect World Triathlon Series rankings. You can blow as many World Cups as you want now.

ITU Points List is no more. Its new name is ITU World Ranking. The Grand Final, National Championships, and events of all levels will contribute to the ranking.

You can’t use the toilet during bike penalty box time. If you do go to the restroom, it will not count as penalty time. The clock will resume when you get back to the box. Other new rules include no eating or drinking what is not already on your person, and no bike maintenance or equipment adjustments in the penalty box.

Read the complete 2018 ITU Sport Competition Rules.

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