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Ride with Triathlon Legends on Zwift


Zwift today announces the ‘Ride with Legends’ series that will see group workouts designed and led by three of the sports biggest triathlon ​stars, Craig Alexander, Cam Brown and Emma Snowsill.

The first workout, (7:30am AEST Tuesday August 28) will be led, and has been designed by, Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander. The session focuses in on training to ride at threshold. The first half warms up nicely with 30 second repeats of 105% FTP before moving into longer blocks of 8,6, 4 an 2 minute efforts at 100% FTP for the second half of the session. It’s sure to be a tough one!

Group Workouts are unique to Zwift, bringing the mental stimulus of training with others to quality, structured training. In Group Workout mode, all riders train to the same effort level (a percentage based on their individual Functional Threshold Power – FTP). Regardless of power output, the group is kept together at all times.

The next two Ride with Legends rides will take place on the following dates:

September 4th at 7:30AM AEST with Cameron “Cam” Brown September 11th at 7:30AM AEST with Emma “Snowy” Snowsill.

More details on the series, including a detailed look at the workouts can be found on Zwift.


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