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Peaks Coaching Group Launches Brand Ambassador Program

Peaks Coaching Group (PCG)–industry leaders in data-driven coaching–announced today their new ambassador program.  The program will recruit individuals to represent the PCG brand by creating positive experiences not only for the ambassador but also PCG’s core audience of professional athletes and dedicated enthusiasts. 

“People can run the best marketing campaigns ever dreamed up,” says Lee Sandstead, Director of the PCG brand ambassador program, “but boots-on-the-ground, face-to-face marketing can never be replaced.  We have the best coaching brand in the world–born of thousands of athletes, their sweat, their defeats and their victories—and we want our brand ambassadors to take our passion and personally share that with individuals at the races, in the gyms, on the road or down some dusty trail.”  

  • Grow the excitement about Peaks Coaching Group in your social media network and community
  • Contribute valuable insight and feedback as we build the PCG brand 
  • Represent PCG at events in your local area 
  • Share stories about your epic cycling adventures 
  • Honourably represent our brand both on and off the bike

“The general idea,” adds Hunter Allen, PCG President and CEO, “is not only for us to be in more places on the ground than ever before, but to get great feedback from our ambassadors.  What are the latest and greatest trends in the peloton?  What races have the most excitement and what locations are really exploding?  We already have coaches and athletes around the world, and this will add a fantastic extra layer of back-and-forth communication.”

Applications will be accepted until December 1, 2018 and new ambassadors will be selected and notified on or about February 1, 2019.



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