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Suunto 9 and Sunnto 3 Fitness Get a Boost | Trizone
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Suunto 9 and Sunnto 3 Fitness Get a Boost

Suunto releases four new designs within the Suunto 9 collection today, growing its flagship lineup of multisport GPS watches. The Suunto 9 has been lauded for its 120 hours of GPS-enabled battery life and intelligent battery life management system, which provides smart reminders to ensure your watch will last as long as you need it to. 

The new variants include a top-of-the-line Suunto 9 model, with a robust titanium bezel and chiselled, triangular strap pattern, which speaks to the brand’s “designed for adventure” heritage. Moreover, the Suunto 9 line-up receives three streamlined variants in Black, White and Lime that pack all that battery performance into models without a barometer and are more at home on flatter terrain. 

In addition, the Suunto 3 Fitness collection grows with two new designs, Burgundy and Copper, as well as an exciting software update that introduces two new training programs to Adaptive Training Guidance. 

Suunto 9: Trusted by Athletes Around the World

Suunto 9 was designed and built to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes and has quickly become a trusted companion for professional athletes and adventure-loving consumers around the world. Made for long, arduous training and racing, Suunto 9 has been tested to the extreme over thousands of hours by top athletes, including 2018 Western States Endurance Run champion Francois D’Haene.

“I need products that are user-friendly and reliable, and the Suunto 9 combines these qualities. In addition to being easy-to-use, the increased battery life and intelligent battery features make this my ideal companion for any adventure,” says D’Haene, the current fastest-known-time (FKT) holder on California’s 210.4-mile John Muir Trail. “As an ultra trail runner, battery life is an essential factor, so this innovation thrills me.”

Suunto 9 Baro Titanium will retail for $699 and features sapphire crystal glass, a grade 5 titanium bezel, a silicone strap with a quick release mechanism, and a barometric altimeter.

Meanwhile, Suunto 9 Black, White and Lime and feature mineral crystal glass, stainless steel bezels, silicone straps with quick release, and GPS altitude.

Suunto 3 Fitness: Set Your Goals with Adaptive Training Guidance

Suunto designed the Suunto 3 Fitness for active people who value health and well-being. Each watch delivers an adaptive, seven-day training plan based on the user’s fitness level and, together with daily sleep, stress and recovery monitoring, helps users maintain a healthy balance between activity and rest.

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In October, Suunto will launch two new colour variants for the Suunto 3 Fitness, Burgundy and Copper, as well as a new software update that will diversify the training guidance programs offered in its award-winning sports watch. Users will be able to choose from the below training programs based on their personal goals and preferences:

  • Improve: The current default plan on the Suunto 3 Fitness, which helps users gradually improve their level of fitness
  • Boost: A more rigorous training plan that helps users quickly improve their fitness
  • Maintain: Allows users to maintain their current level of fitness and enjoy regular exercise

The new Suunto 3 Fitness colourways, Burgundy and Copper, will both be available and feature a stainless-steel bezel, silicone straps with a quick release mechanism, and mobile-phone assisted GPS. 

Stay Connected with Suunto app 

Both Suunto 9 and Suunto 3 Fitness connect to the new Suunto app, which allows users to track their adventures and long-term trends like daily activity and sleep. With the app, both watches can receive mobile alerts so that incoming calls, messages and notifications go straight to your watch. In the case of the Suunto 3 Fitness, connecting to the Suunto app can enable speed, distance and route tracking using the mobile phone’s GPS. The Suunto app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

The new Suunto 9 models and Suunto 3 Fitness designs will be available in key retailers and at as of October 2, 2018. Learn more at: and




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