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H2O Audio Announces H2O Time – Enhanced Sportsband and Case for Apple Watch

H2O Audio, the world leader in waterproof accessories, today launched their new “H2O Time” line beginning with the H2O Time Band and Case designed to optimize the Apple Watch for activity and sports. The culmination of over a year of development and 20+ different prototypes, the patent-pending H2O Time Case improves skin contact to reduce Motion Artifacts for more accurate heart rate readings while the H2O Time Band provides a more secure, comfortable fit suitable for hours of training and activity.

“The Apple Watch is a game-changing fitness accessory and, while it is designed to look cool, functionality and comfort for sports is an afterthought,” said Kristian Rauhala, founder at H2O Time. “Our new H2O Time offerings are created to optimize smartwatches to provide a consistently accurate heart rate reading along with a comfort and secure fit suitable for all-day training, surfing or just out and about on the town. Based on preliminary tests H2O Time’s Band and Case provide improved accuracy compared to the standard watch band.”

Due to a documented phenomenon called “Motion Artifacts” optical sensors in smartwatches are prone to cause missing, false or inaccurate heart rate readings during exercise. H2O Time’s patent-pending Case and Band were designed to minimize sensor movement and pressure changes against the skin to reduce Motion Artifacts – all while providing a comfortable fit.

“Motion artifacts are the single most common reason for inaccurate heart rate readings during exercising or daily life,” said Ilkka Korhonen, adjunct professor at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. A design which improves the fit of the sensor on the wrist and provides elasticity during motion to reduce sensor pressure changes against the skin will improve the reliability of heart rate readings especially during exercise.”

H2O Time Sportsband and Case:

  • Patent-pending underside reduces Motion Artifacts for more accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Rugged Protection
  • Unique quick-dry, ultra-soft material provides a comfortable, secure fit

Pricing and Availability:

H2O Audio’s H2O Time Sportsband and Case for Apple Watch series 1,2 and 3 are available direct from H2O Audio for $49.99.

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