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Final Surge Releases New Garmin Connect IQ App announces the launch of their new Garmin Connect IQ app, giving athletes the ability to build and download structured workouts on Connect IQ-enabled Garmin devices. The new Final Surge beta web platform allows athletes and their coaches to build running, cycling and swimming workouts using pace, heart rate and power values, targeted zones, and percentages of threshold and FTP.

Once structured workouts are built, the Connect IQ app allows athletes to download today’s workout, or, choose to download up to five days of planned upcoming workouts on their Garmin device. Each workout can be launched and completed on the device, and then synced back to Final Surge for athletes and their coaches to analyze the data through the Final Surge web platforms and Apple and Android apps.

“Our goal is to continue to enhance our platform and make training efficient and fun for our athletes and coaches,” said Tim Surface, Co-founder of Final Surge. “Our new Connect IQ app does this and allows athletes to take full advantage of their Garmin device, helping them stay on target with their workouts and perform each one at the proper intensity. This is exciting technology and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Garmin and take advantage of their Connect IQ platform to help our athletes achieve their fitness goals.”

“The new Final Surge Connect IQ app provides athletes with invaluable access to both their coaches and training plans,” said Nick Kral, senior product manager at Garmin. “The ability to easily view and complete workouts right from their Garmin device gives athletes the tools and data they need to stay on track and beat yesterday.”

The app is compatible with most devices in the Garmin Forerunner®, fēnix® and Edge® series.

To learn more about the new Final Surge Connect IQ app, please visit: