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Peaks Coaching Group Announces First Ever Motion Analysis Cycling Camp using Pioneering LEOMO TYPE-R

Peaks Coaching Group (PCG)–industry leaders in data-driven coaching–announced today that they will be leading the world’s first motion analysis cycling camp using the award-winning LEOMO TYPE-R in Boulder, CO July 14-19, 2019.

“We are very excited for this opportunity,” says LEOMO CEO Kunihiko Kaji.  “PCG is a well-respected coaching company with vast experience and deep history in cycling. LEOMO’s motion analysis technologies are a perfect complement to PCG’s revolutionary data analysis capabilities. It is fantastic that our companies’ strategies align so well, and we look forward to contributing to PCG’s camp in Boulder.”

About the Boulder, CO Motion Analysis Camp July 14-19, 2019

  • Daily education seminars, motion analysis, video analysis, bike fitting and advance learning
  • Both coaches and cyclists interested in the TYPE-R are welcome
  • TYPE-R Demo units provided (you will need a power meter)
  • Endurance, moderate and high-intensity riding
  • 30-75 miles of daily riding with three pace groups
  • SAG support included
  • Bike Fit included ($350 Value)
  • Live Video Sync analysis included ($300 value)

Until now, athlete motion analysis has been limited to occasional sessions at labs or studios that do not reflect real-world training or race conditions, and often require elaborate and expensive systems. LEOMO’s pioneering TYPE-R portable motion analysis device will allow athletes and their coaches, as well as bike fitters, to collect daily ride data in the same conditions they train and race in.

“This is an exciting and ground-breaking camp,” says Hunter Allen, PCG CEO.  “There has never been a motion analysis cycling camp like this in the world.  It’s an incredible opportunity to learn from our expert coaches on how to best use the LEOMO TYPE-R to improve your cycling economy and power output.”

The TYPE-R comprises a sleek handlebar or wrist-mounted touchscreen head unit, and includes GPS tracking, as well as ANT+™ connectivity for additional measurement of power, power balance, cadence, and heart rate. The head unit alone will give many high-end bike computers a run for their money, but the magic of the TYPE-R comes in the form of five rechargeable Bluetooth® sensors, each with its own three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer to accurately measure an athlete’s motion and form. Worn on each shoe, above each knee, above the sacrum, and above the chest, the TYPE-R’s sensors measure important aspects of a rider’s movement like never before.



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