Aaron Royle and Lisa Marangon win Callala

Aaron Royle and James Davy ran a scintillating 8kms off the bike in Callala to take out 1st and 2nd ahead of a Michael Fox and Sam Douglas. The two front boys ran 24:52/54 (3:06min/km). Royle led from start to finish. The swim saw the guys searching for the bouys and hesitating while trying to [&hel

Aaron Royle and James Davy ran a scintillating 8kms off the bike in Callala to take out 1st and 2nd ahead of a Michael Fox and Sam Douglas. The two front boys ran 24:52/54 (3:06min/km). Royle led from start to finish. The swim saw the guys searching for the bouys and hesitating while trying to figure out where to go. This gave Royle the opportunity to get the jump and continue to swim hard. Once he had this lead he did not look back. Aaron then proceeded to put over a minute on the chasing pack on the bike and further extended his lead on the run. Aaron’s time of 1:22:56 was 2:14 faster than Davy.

Royle has been in Wollongong, since leaving school, at NSWIS under Jamie Turner. This environment obviously works for Aaron and today’s result showed what a hot prospect for 2012 Aaron is.

A week ago Aaron was in New Zealand racing in the ITU sanctioned Contact Cup series. He placed 5th overall with only 32 seconds between 1st and 5th. Brendan Sexton, Drew Box and Nicholas Hull also raced with Sexton placing 2nd overall.

James Davy swam and rode with Fox, Douglas and Farrant but his run, at over a minute quicker, pushed him into a clear second place.

Michael Fox came off a win at Kurnell last weekend after squaring the ledger against Sam Douglas. But he was a little surprised at the speed of Aaron Royle. Fox and Douglas possibly suffered a little from watching each other rather than the field as they compete for the series title. Last week at Kurnell neither had to worry about the series points and the result was a good race with Fox going for it in the run.

Lisa Marangon and Matilda Raynolds were left to battle it out for the open women’s title. Raynolds took the wise decision to not go off with the guys knowing that Lisa’s swim strength would enable her to get on the feet of the faster guys. This paid off somewhat with Matilda coming out of the water only 23 seconds behind Marangon. Although during the swim some of the navigation skills of the lead female meant that she ended up swimming a bit more than the 1km she should have. On the bike Lisa put about a minute on Matilda which meant that Matilda would have to dig deep on the run. She did but it was not quite enough. With a quicker run Matilda pulled the gap back to just under one minute at the end of the race. Lisa finished in 1:33:51 with Matilda second in 1:34:48.

There were some quick age groupers mixing it up with the open guys. Adam Conquest used his well known bike strength to be the first age grouper home and 7th overall. Second age grouper home and in the same category as Conquest was Ben Bell who swam a minute faster and ran almost a minute faster but could not make up the bike difference.

First female age grouper home was Lauren Fitzgerald in 28th place overall and with a very even spread of good times across all three legs. Sarah Fletcher was the next female age grouper with a good swim and solid run but her bike was where she lost it to Lauren.

1Aaron ROYLE 1:22:56MOpen0:14:060:43:570:24:52
2James DAVY 1:25:10MOpen0:14:460:45:290:24:54
3Michael FOX 1:26:03MOpen0:14:420:45:300:25:51
4Sam DOUGLAS 1:26:11MOpen0:14:460:45:100:26:14
5Shane FARRANT 1:26:53MOpen0:14:450:45:340:26:33
6Ben HAMMOND 1:27:18MOpen0:15:250:44:460:27:06
8Matthew PELLOW 1:28:07MOpen0:14:550:46:110:27:00
9Jake MONTGOMERY 1:29:31MOpen0:15:020:47:530:26:35
10Robert SKILLMAN 1:30:07MOpen0:14:520:45:200:29:54
15Cameron FRASER 1:32:46MOpen0:16:070:50:260:26:12
38Andrew WILKINSON 1:41:20MOpen0:16:220:49:130:35:44
16Lisa MARANGON 1:33:51FOpen0:16:320:48:060:29:12
18Matilda RAYNOLDS 1:34:48FOpen0:16:550:49:120:28:40
69Ashley THOMAS 1:49:34F15-190:19:240:58:240:31:46
40Sarah FLETCHER 1:41:49F20-240:17:430:53:110:30:54
28Lauren FITZGERALD 1:38:04F25-290:18:450:49:200:29:58
45Erin HARGRAVE 1:43:15F25-290:21:040:52:570:29:12
48Marijke RALPH 1:44:07F25-290:23:200:51:120:29:33
71Kate GALLOP 1:49:51F25-290:17:400:57:210:34:49
93Carley STEPHENS 1:53:38F25-290:22:121:00:460:30:40
102Lauren ATLEE 1:55:37F25-290:23:050:57:130:35:18
123Genevieve KILLHAM 2:01:42F25-290:23:450:57:380:40:17
149Angelique COLEMAN 2:14:51F25-290:24:301:06:290:43:52
63Tanya STREVENS 1:48:07F30-340:20:420:55:460:31:39
91Nichole EDSHALL 1:53:30F30-340:18:530:57:560:36:40
100Kristen BRACE 1:55:07F30-340:24:590:56:410:33:25
129Rebecca POTTER 2:04:28F30-340:24:140:58:090:42:05
135Megan GREGORY 2:07:38F30-340:23:131:06:590:37:24
142Paula LUKE 2:09:31F30-340:28:021:04:080:37:21
90Kerry SEADON 1:53:06F35-390:20:040:55:130:37:48
98Katherine MORRIS 1:54:36F35-390:22:270:54:350:37:33
116Renae WATKINS 2:00:29F35-390:23:220:59:070:37:58
127Simone CAMPBELL 2:04:18F35-390:23:021:05:060:36:09
128Luisa CAPEZIO 2:04:23F35-390:25:431:01:180:37:21
134Corinne RAPP 2:07:37F35-390:25:151:05:000:37:21
55Carolyn DEWS 1:45:57F40-440:20:000:54:400:31:16
119Catherine HEAD 2:00:49F40-440:21:181:02:100:37:20
137Susan FLYNN 2:08:14F40-440:27:500:58:480:41:35
97Narelle TALBOT 1:54:21F45-490:20:430:58:300:35:07
124Louise HEYWOOD 2:03:25F45-490:25:460:56:000:41:38
132Christine LALOR 2:06:13F45-490:27:081:04:250:34:38
136Genelle WARNE 2:08:00F45-490:25:051:03:230:39:32
141Joanne WARREN 2:09:22F45-490:26:361:01:060:41:40
146Jean CANE 2:12:26F45-490:28:591:06:340:36:52
147Barb BEARD 2:12:54F50-540:24:131:02:470:45:53
101Belinda SOSZYN 1:55:32F55-590:19:591:01:570:33:35
131Catherine TULLOH 2:05:47F55-590:22:221:01:110:42:13
14Liam RAPLEY 1:32:08M15-190:16:420:49:300:25:55
26Jarrod HALDENBY 1:37:58M15-190:16:140:51:330:30:10
37Samuel DALLY 1:41:07M15-190:15:430:54:020:31:21
23Rhys WHITTAKER 1:36:25M20-240:20:160:48:090:27:59
12Nathan MILLER 1:31:40M25-290:17:440:46:030:27:52
20Mark SCOTT 1:35:02M25-290:18:350:49:460:26:39
39David RAY 1:41:29M25-290:21:040:50:330:29:51
54Brendan WALL 1:45:46M25-290:15:320:55:190:34:53
75Alex CABLE 1:50:18M25-290:23:220:52:560:33:59
83Andrew GLENDINNING 1:52:15M25-290:20:520:55:390:35:44
86Victor LEE 1:52:31M25-290:24:080:56:220:32:00
89Matthew YEARSLEY 1:53:05M25-290:22:450:58:140:32:05
99Gi SINGH 1:54:42M25-290:22:040:57:320:35:05
113Jon YEARSLEY 1:59:57M25-290:22:251:02:370:34:54
117Daniel CHAPMAN 2:00:35M25-290:22:431:05:220:32:30
13Andrew MCFARLANE 1:31:51M30-340:18:520:47:000:25:58
17Ryan WILLIAMS 1:34:21M30-340:16:300:46:200:31:29
21Ilyas MUSKER 1:35:25M30-340:17:580:47:140:30:13
27Mathew EDSALL 1:37:59M30-340:18:240:48:460:30:47
33Jason CALDWELL 1:39:51M30-340:23:210:47:320:28:57
34Garth TUCKER 1:40:14M30-340:18:150:50:590:30:59
35John O’LEARY 1:40:26M30-340:20:370:48:190:31:30
36Shannon SPARGO<span< p=””></span<>