Aernouts and Nieuwoudt Win at Inaugural Challenge Fréjus

The first-ever Challenge Fréjus, held in the French Riviera, saw athletes Bart Aernouts and Magda Nieuwoudt emerge victorious.

Aernouts and Nieuwoudt Win at Inaugural Challenge Fréjus
Photo: Activimages - BouklaF

Why it matters: The first-ever Challenge Fréjus saw Bart Aernouts and Magda Nieuwoudt claim victory, setting the bar for future competitions.

Setting the pace: The French Riviera provided an optimal and picturesque racing environment, with the inaugural Challenge Fréjus pushing athletes to their limits over a two-lap swim, a 101km bike ride, and a run.

What they are saying:

  • "I’m really happy to finish a race like this, and to win the race," said Bart Aernouts, the winner of the men's race.
  • "I absolutely enjoyed the bike, it was good climbs but just enough to not tire you too much," said Magda Nieuwoudt, the victor of the women's race.

By the numbers:

  • Aernouts triumphed with a time of 4:06:24, while Cyril Viennot and Ognjen Stojanovic rounded off the men's podium at 4:11:04 and 4:11:27 respectively.
  • Nieuwoudt secured her title in 4:46:13, followed by Aurélia Boulanger at 4:55:14 and Julie Iemmolo at 4:56:17.
  • The top three men were within five minutes of each other.
  • Nieuwoudt built a significant lead in the women's race, finishing nine minutes ahead of the second-place runner.

Between transition: The men's race saw a significant turning point when Sebastian Kienle received an unexpected five-minute penalty, shifting the race's trajectory. Meanwhile, Nieuwoudt made a strategic attack 10km before the climbs in the women's race, establishing a lead she maintained until the finish line.

Through Time: Aernouts and Nieuwoudt overcame the challenges of the course and their competitors, showcasing resilience and strategy throughout the race.

The bottom line: The inaugural Challenge Fréjus not only highlighted the athletes' exceptional performance but also showcased the high level of competition expected in future races.