Arena Games Triathlon Shines at Olympic Esports Week

Hybrid sport, Arena Games Triathlon, captivates at Olympic Esports Week, marking a significant milestone in its bid for Olympic inclusion.

Arena Games Triathlon Shines at Olympic Esports Week

Why it matters: The inaugural Olympic Esports Week saw the exciting Arena Games Triathlon's hybrid racing format, where Team Oceania secured a triumphant win.

Setting the pace: The Arena Games Triathlon, created by Super League Triathlon in 2020, successfully marries real-world and virtual racing, offering athletes a unique competitive platform and viewers an immersive experience.

What they're saying:

  • "Olympic Esports Week was an incredible stage for Arena Games Triathlon. This was a major step on that journey." - Michael D’hulst, Super League Triathlon CEO and Co-Founder
  • “I loved every single second of it even though the pain was excruciating, I just needed to push through and dig deep mentally, so fun to be on the world stage here in Singapore and I’m so glad to get the win here with all the guys.” - Jack Latham, Team Oceania

By the numbers:

  • 20 athletes participated in the relay event
  • The format consisted of a 750m run, 6km bike ride, and a 750m run

Between the transition: The event was a result of a fruitful partnership between Super League Triathlon and World Triathlon, paving the way for young athletes from diverse backgrounds to gain high-level competition experience.

Through Time: Team Oceania, represented by Australia's Jack Latham and Hannah Pollock, and New Zealand's Coen Anderson and Lucy Evans, showcased exceptional skill and endurance, clinching victory in this global event. Their triumph followed a riveting competition, with Team Europe and North America earning silver and bronze respectively.

The bottom line: The resounding success of Arena Games Triathlon at the Olympic Esports Week and the athletes' electrifying performance underscore the potential of this innovative hybrid sport format to make its mark in the official Olympic Games.