Australian 10,000m Record Holder Ben St Lawrence to Contest 5000m at IAAF World Champs 2011

In his first major championship since the Commonwealth Games last year Australian 10,000m record holder and Sydneysider Ben St Lawrence will be contesting the 5000m at the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, Korea. The heats are on September 1st and will be shown on SBS2.

Whilst Ben St Lawrence is not a triathlete he is well known to the Sydney triathlon crowd and while based in London training for the World Champs he did mention he had swum in a pool and also brought a bike. I could be drawing a long bow but that sounds like something someone might do if they were a triathlete. So with this in mind I thought I would have a quick chat with Ben to see how he is going in the lead up to the 5000m in Korea and who he is up against in the race.

10km is a distance well known to triathletes and someone who can run it in under 28 minutes is definitely of interest to the average triathlete.

This is Ben St Lawrence’s first major championship since the Commonwealth Games last year, where he placed 7th in both the 5000m and the 10,000m.

This IAAF World Championships are see by the athletes as being second only to the Olympics Games. This race will give St Lawrence a great insight into what to expect at the Olympic Games next year in London.

Ben had some great results earlier in the year with a 13:10 5000m in March and the Australian 10,000m record of 27:24 in May before suffering an injury. “Unfortunately I had to miss three weeks of training due to an Achilles injury which knocked me back a bit, but thankfully I have put in two months of good training since then and seem to be reaching good form.” Ben’s last race was a third place in a 5000m in Finland in 13:23.

As is often the case with athletes, Ben wishes he was in ‘perfect shape’ for this race, but are elite athletes ever in what they think is their perfect shape? “I am looking forward to getting out there and testing myself against the best in the world but as usual I still wonder if I am perfectly ready for this race.”

There are three Australians in the 5000m, with approx 40 entrants in total. The three Aussies are Ben, Craig Mottram and Collis Birmingham.  These guys are the three fastest Australians ever at this distance.

“The competition just to make the final will be tough, with the best athletes from all over the world, including the dominant East Africans.”

The heats are on Sept 1st at 11:05am Sydney time. The final is on the 4th of September.

Who are the big names up against the three Australians?

Somalian born British athelete and 2011 world number one Mo Farah, Ethiopian World Record holder Keninese Bekele, Double Commonwealth Champion from Uganda – Moses Kipsiro, Kenyan Born American and Double World Champion Bernard Lagat as well as the entire Kenyan team are amongst the favourites. Add to that the top Europeans, Japanese, South Americans, Americans etc

Good luck Ben. We will hear back from Ben after the race.

Heat 1     
1-Sep-11 10:05am   
1125Collis BirminghamAUS13:15.713:11.0
2861Rui SilvaPOR13:25.913:19.2
31120Galen RuppUSA13:06.913:06.9
4658Thomas Pkemei LongosiwaKEN12:56.112:52.0
5805Adrian BlincoeNZL13:18.313:10.2
6655Isiah Kiplangat KoechKEN12:53.312:53.3
71032Moses KibetUGA13:15.213:15.2
8372Dejen GebremeskelETH12:55.912:53.6
9574Daniele MeucciITA13:24.913:24.4
10108Mounir MioutALG13:19.713:19.7
111093Bernard LagatUSA12:53.612:53.6
12319Goitom KifleERI13:23.113:23.1
13302Mumin GalaDJI13:17.813:17.8
14208Bilisuma ShugiBRN13:06.713:06.7
15326Francisco Javier AlvesESP13:19.913:11.0
16114Javier CarriqueoARG13:25.213:25.2
17137Craig MottramAUS13:11.512:55.8
18709Hussain Jamaan AlhamdahKSA13:12.213:11.6
19365Kenenisa BekeleETH 12:37.4
20953Abdishakur Nageye AbdulleSOM  
Heat 2     
1-Sep-11 10:26 AM   
1883Elroy GelantRSA13:25.113:25.1
2377Imane MergaETH12:54.212:53.6
3809Jake RobertsonNZL13:22.413:22.4
4644Eliud KipchogeKEN12:55.712:46.5
51066Andrew BumbaloughUSA13:16.813:16.8
6374Abera KumaETH13:00.213:00.2
7169Gérard GahunguBDI  
8711Abdullah Abdulaziz AljoudKSA13:24.513:24.5
9554Alistair Ian CraggIRL13:12.213:07.1
10427Christian NgningbaGAB  
11207Dejene RegassaBRN13:24.313:24.3
12637Kazuya WatanabeJPN13:23.213:23.2
131038Geofrey KusuroUGA13:12.313:12.3
14144Ben St.LawrenceAUS13:10.113:10.1
15322Amanuel MeselERI13:16.313:16.3
16936Sylvain RukundoRWA13:41.413:41.4
17670Seung-Ho BaekKOR13:59.013:43.0
181034Abraham KiplimoUGA13:10.413:10.4
19439Mohamed FarahGBR12:53.112:53.1
20332Jesús EspañaESP13:04.713:04.7
21102Rabah AboudALG13:19.013:19.0