Australian Paul Ambrose wins 2010 Ironman Louisville Triathlon

On a hot and steamy day in Louisville Paul Ambrose won the Ironman Louisville race in a time of 8:29. Paul has had a great 70.3 season in the USA this year and this result shows what he is capable of. Paul was able to ride the fastest bike split of the day coming off the […]

On a hot and steamy day in Louisville  Paul Ambrose won the Ironman Louisville race in a time of 8:29. Paul has had a great 70.3 season in the USA this year and this result shows what he is capable of.

Paul was able to ride the fastest bike split of the day coming off the bike in 4:31:36 which was enough to give him a 12 minute buffer over Denmarks Martin Jensen. Jason Shortis was third off the bike but stomach issues would see him reduced to a walk for much of the marathon. Ambrose was able to run 3:05:09 to finish ahead of Jensen, who while he had a faster run split was not able tomake any significant inroads.

I asked Ambrose how confident he was when he exited T2 “I was fairly confident I could win the race after the bike. I had a substantial lead and was feeling okay at the start of the run. I knew though there were some very quick marathoners coming from behind, so I didn’t start celebrating till I could see the finish line”.

After Paul’s second placing at Lake Stevens 70.3 two weeks ago he was a bit concerned that he hadn’t done enough volume coming in to Louisville. This wass obviously not the case. He knew he was race fit though.

I also spoke to 5th place  Sergio Marques from Portugal. Sergio has been trying to find his 2:40 run legs that have escaped him. Without this faster run he still managed another  top place in an Ironman. He had a tough swim and lost the feet of the 56min guys and found the amount of short, steep hills tough going. After starting 10th on the run he moved through the field and finally took 5th place. While a lot of the field struggled in the run  Sergio did do a good time even though  he was not  happy with it.  He was spotted riding his new non-seat post Cycpro bike again. He is loving this!

Top five men:

Paul Ambrose 26 GBR 48:39/ 4:31:36/ 3:05:09/ 8:29:59
Martin Jensen 27 DEN 48:39/ 4:44:43/ 3:03:36/ 8:41:54
Max Longree 29 GER 1:00:14/ 4:49:09/ 2:55:28/ 8:50:10
Patrick Evoe 33 USA 56:07/ 4:48:06/ 3:03:40/ 8:53:14
Sergio Marques 30 PRT 57:30/ 4:53:07/ 3:08:56/ 9:05:04

Rebekah Keat comfortably took out the womans race, her second iron distance win in two weeks, having taken out Challenge Copenhagen earlier.  Bek did appear to be feeling the effects of such a heavy race load, slowing noticably on the run and suffering calf cramps towards the end. However her dominant bike split gave her enough of a buffer to finish eleven minutes ahead of second placed Kim Loefler.   No less than five age groupers finished in the top ten.

Top five women:

Rebekah Keat 30 AUS 55:36/ 5:08:25/ 3:23:50/ 9:33:15
Kim Loeffler 38 USA 1:04:29/ 5:13:25/ 3:21:08/ 9:44:23
Bree Wee 31 USA 55:32/ 5:22:21/ 3:26:17/ 9:50:35
Whitney Henderson 30 USA 66 57:53/ 5:19:53/ 3:39:32/ 10:04:29 (AGE GROUP)
Lisbeth Kristensen DEN 49 56:11/ 5:22:31/ 3:46:45/ 10:12:06

1Ambrose, Paul26/MPRO0:48:394:31:363:05:098:29:59
2Jensen, Martin27/MPRO0:48:394:44:433:03:368:41:54
3Longree, Max29/MPRO1:00:144:49:092:55:288:50:10
4Evoe, Patrick33/MPRO0:56:074:48:063:03:408:53:14
5Marques, Sergio30/MPRO0:57:304:53:073:08:569:05:04
6Schloegel, Benjamin32/M30-341:01:595:00:343:02:249:11:15
7Beck, Josh32/M30-341:20:234:42:073:04:239:20:15
8Bless, Patrick38/MPRO0:56:015:01:553:16:109:20:34
9Vondracek, Jesse29/MPRO0:57:265:08:053:15:039:25:52
10Schrading, Eric44/M40-441:03:055:02:433:20:269:32:51
11Keat, Rebekah/WPRO0:55:365:08:253:23:509:33:15
12Killian, Robert28/M25-291:11:245:01:453:14:369:33:48
13Flanagan, John35/MPRO0:45:025:04:543:40:299:37:01
14Snow, Tim35/MPRO0:57:185:12:023:20:379:37:26
15MacFarlane, Evan28/M25-291:06:095:06:423:20:379:39:28
16Kovac, Matjaz/MPRO0:58:045:01:093:35:169:40:45
17Loefler, Kim38/WPRO1:04:295:13:253:21:089:44:23
18Garcia, Ricardo36/M35-390:59:455:12:563:26:429:45:19
19Sublett, Brett45/M45-491:05:315:12:573:20:509:48:14
20Monroe, Kyle26/M25-291:16:505:17:263:09:379:50:01
21Wee, Bree31/WPRO0:55:325:22:213:26:179:50:35
22Rose, Matthew36/M35-390:50:255:22:363:33:369:54:33
23Jaloszynski, Jason33/M30-341:07:285:10:023:29:599:54:56
24Cadman, Duane29/M25-290:59:185:17:013:33:049:57:01
25Schloegel, Robert46/M45-491:01:205:22:263:25:259:57:59
26Blow, Gregg40/M40-441:11:124:59:413:39:389:58:40
27Comas, Albert43/M40-441:00:325:06:083:46:199:59:41
28Hermanson, Mike23/M18-240:57:535:14:153:43:0210:01:21
29Shelly, Spencer32/M30-341:09:205:18:373:22:5910:01:56
30Wood, Tom26/M25-290:57:445:25:243:31:3210:01:57
31Elskamp, Gregor39/M35-390:58:485:05:153:48:5810:02:42
32Burke, Shawn45/M45-490:58:405:19:323:38:1310:04:19
33Henderson, Whitney30/W30-340:57:535:19:533:39:3210:04:28
34Scott, David36/M35-391:10:225:03:553:45:0910:06:41
35Young, Jimi41/M40-441:07:085:13:023:39:5810:06:43
36Williams, Casey