Brendan Sexton and Michelle Wu win Nepean Triathlon – Results

Brendan Sexton over came a swim deficit to win the 2010 Nepean Triathlon. Sexton also went on to win the Super Sprint race to make it a very profitable morning. Pete Jacobs received a stop / start penalty on the bike. Michelle Wu continued her recent winning form and won the women's race from

Brendan Sexton over came a swim deficit to win the 2010 Nepean Triathlon. Sexton also went on to win the Glenmore Park Plumbing & Drainage Super Sprint to make it a very profitable morning.

Pete Jacobs received a stop / start penalty on the bike after getting penalised for going around the wrong side of a cone on a corner. Jacobs was fuming after being the only one of the two lead guys to get penalised.

The men’s race had the potential to be a three way sprint for the line until Mitch Robins copped a three minute penalty for drafting.

Michelle Wu continued her recent winning form (1st at Taiwan 70.3) and won the women’s race from behind. She ran down Lisa Marangon who lead off the bike. Melissa Rollison, recent winner of the Gold Coast Half Ironman, was charging through the leaders but ended up losing her run legs towards the end and Wu was able to hold her off. Michelle Wu also won the handicap event after holding out Brendan Sexton to cross the line just ahead. Watching Rollison run is quite spectacular. She has a longish stride and looks like she is sprinting the whole way.

Charlotte McShane was amongst the leaders at the start of the run but ended up collapsing and having to be taken to hospital. She looked okay as she was placed in the ambulance. It was an incredibly hot day and many people struggled on the run.

Top 20 male and female results below.

PosCat PosNameTimeCategorySwimCycleRun
11Brendan SEXTON1:30:18Open0:13:080:44:080:33:01
22Pete JACOBS1:31:04Open0:12:570:44:440:33:22
33Nicholas KASTELEIN1:31:45Open0:13:100:44:080:34:26
41David MAINWARING1:33:1620-240:13:320:44:240:35:20
54Mitch ROBBINS1:34:04Open0:13:290:47:210:33:13
62Michael FOX1:34:1220-240:13:140:43:550:37:02
75Clayton FETTELL1:35:06Open0:12:190:44:150:38:31
83Adrian COMINOTTO1:35:4320-240:13:190:43:580:38:26
96Adam CONQUEST1:35:52Open0:16:000:43:270:36:23
107Matt PALMER1:36:39Open0:14:420:45:040:36:52
118Ric ROSENKRANZ1:36:59Open0:15:460:45:100:36:02
121Matt WILLIAMS1:37:02U190:13:300:43:090:40:22
132Shane FARRANT1:37:02U190:13:150:44:340:39:11
141Robert HURLEY1:37:2625-290:13:210:46:030:38:01
153Christopher PONS1:37:53U190:14:140:47:020:36:37
169Sean BRUNT1:37:59Open0:15:200:44:150:38:23
172Daniel HOWITT1:38:1025-290:14:160:46:430:37:10
1810Anthony PARKER1:38:20Open0:14:440:44:530:38:42
193Alexander PRICE1:38:3725-290:15:010:45:360:37:59
204Ben HAMMOND1:39:1920-240:14:090:45:380:39:32
PosCat PosNameTimeCategorySwimCycleRun
261Michelle WU1:41:54Open0:14:420:48:550:38:16
272Melissa ROLLISON1:42:15Open0:15:390:48:560:37:39
393Kirralee SEIDEL1:43:56Open0:14:330:50:160:39:06
481Lisa MARANGON1:45:2630-340:14:270:48:260:42:32
531Matilda RAYNOLDS1:46:2120-240:15:270:50:050:40:47
541Natalie VAN COEVORDEN1:46:24U190:14:420:54:120:37:29
652Siobhan MCCARTHY1:47:2720-240:14:470:52:500:39:50
832Andrea LONGUEIRA1:49:51U190:14:190:52:160:43:14
882Melissa VANDEWATER1:50:2330-340:15:440:50:390:44:00
921Sophia AMOR-SMITH1:50:4825-290:14:330:52:310:43:43
982Jacqui BENOIT1:51:2025-290:15:450:52:040:43:30
1003Chloe TURNER1:51:2120-240:14:300:53:330:43:17
1073Marijke RALPH1:51:4425-290:19:080:52:030:40:32
1091Nicky WESTERN1:51:5640-440:19:030:51:460:41:06
1244Stephanie GRAVES1:53:1625-290:17:430:50:580:44:34
1272Christine WOLFSON1:53:2640-440:19:570:51:050:42:23
1371Heidi RICKARD1:54:1335-390:17:200:54:220:42:30
1602Vanessa PARRY-WILLIAMS1:56:4035-390:17:590:54:490:43:51
1623Andra HEMMINGS1:56:5330-340:17:020:54:400:45:10
1734Monica JUHART1:57:3830-340:16:550:54:560:45:46