Chris McCormack wins second Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona

Chris McCormack makes a final surge during the run leg then went onto wining the 2010 Ironman World Championship.

In one of the most exciting finishes in years Chris McCormack and Andreas Raelert went stride for stride when Raelert caught McCormack at around 21miles. McCormack made a surge at each aid station to push Raelert but couldn’t shake him until the last aid station. With less than two miles to go McCormack surged and that was it for Raelert. McCormack then went on to win in an extrodiary effort.

Craig Alexander ran himself in to 4th pace after being 16min down after the bike. He ran an extraordinary 2:41 marathon. “I did what I could and it just wasn’t enough today,” he said. “The three boys in front of me put together a really great race – they deserved to be there because they were consistent across all three disciplines. I probably didn’t have enough confidence in my bike leg when there was a pack forming at the front. Some of the guys rode across to them (to bridge the gap), but I didn’t go with them and that ended up being the group to be in. But it wasn’t won or lost there either . . . the guys out front put in a great run leg too. I gave it my best shot on the run and made up quite a bit of time until the wheels fell off in the last three miles. Obviously I’m disappointed, but there’s no excuses. I gave it my best; Macca (Chris McCormack) and the the other guys were just too good for me today.”

The run of the day went to Pete Jacobs who posted a 2:41:06. Pete is going to be one of the best Ironman ever if he keeps on this trajectory. At 29 years Pete is the youngest triathlete in the top 10 by 3 years with most of the guys in the high 30s. Pete coped a 4min penalty on the bike at 40km for not passing within the allotted 20 seconds. Without this 4min stop (plus slowing down and taking off again) he would have certainly placed at least 5th overall.

Pete said after “I was stoked with the win and it was a very emotional day with highs and lows. Posting the fastes marathon of the day was a big buzz”.

1McCormack, Chris37/MPRO0:51:364:31:502:43:318:10:37
2Raelert, Andreas34/MPRO0:51:274:32:262:44:258:12:17
3Vanhoenacker, Marino34/MPRO0:51:334:31:002:46:458:13:14
4Alexander, Craig37/MPRO0:51:324:39:352:41:598:16:53
5Tissink, Raynard37/MPRO0:52:254:30:472:52:448:20:11
6Bracht, Timo35/MPRO0:53:524:29:422:53:188:21:00
7Llanos, Eneko34/MPRO0:51:384:39:232:47:028:22:02
8Bockel, Dirk34/MPRO0:51:124:35:472:52:018:22:59
9Jacobs, Pete29/MPRO0:51:154:47:042:41:058:23:26
10Al-Sultan, Faris32/MPRO0:51:254:32:402:55:288:24:04
11Lieto, Chris38/MPRO0:52:234:23:173:06:008:25:51
12Twelsiek, Maik30/MPRO0:52:224:26:003:04:378:27:02
13Weiss, Michael29/MPRO0:57:404:25:213:00:348:29:15
14Van Lierde, Frederik31/MPRO0:51:344:39:232:56:278:31:43
15Schildknecht, Ronnie31/MPRO0:56:004:35:192:57:208:32:51
16Brader, Christian30/MPRO0:59:514:35:312:54:138:33:43
17Brown, Cameron38/MPRO0:52:164:38:412:59:158:34:10
18Jensen, Martin27/MPRO0:51:314:39:432:59:598:35:34
19Vernay, Patrick37/MPRO0:55:194:45:202:50:478:35:44
20Bozzone, Terenzo25/MPRO0:51:314:40:203:02:278:38:23
21Potts, Andy34/MPRO0:48:484:42:203:03:038:38:43
22Major, Jozsef31/MPRO1:07:284:39:522:47:568:40:46
23Henning, Rasmus35/MPRO0:51:304:39:513:05:408:41:18
24Coenen, Clemens32/MPRO0:57:304:36:543:03:118:41:33