David Clarke and Marion Summerer win Sydney ITU Age Group Triathlon

Sydney's David Clark and Germany's Marion Summerer both celebrated victory at the inaugural Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney age group race in perfect conditions earlier today. James Hodge was 2nd in the men's race with Mitchell Kibby 3rd. In the women's race Lisa Marangon was

Sydney’s David Clark and Germany’s Marion Summerer both celebrated victory at the inaugural Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney age group race in perfect conditions earlier today.

The event marked the first ever Olympic distance triathlon where competitors had the unique opportunity to swim 1500m in Farm Cove, alongside the Sydney Opera House , cycle 40km on an inner city course that took them over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge three times and run 10km through the city and alongside the picturesque Royal Botanic Gardens.

Clark, who is a Sydney local, was in the chase pack on the bike, behind fellow New South Welshmen, Michael Fox, Lindsey Wall and Victoria’s Mitchell Kibby but showed good form on the run to catch the leaders and continued to excel to race glory.

“I had a good run and managed to catch the leader and hold on.  I train around here and I work in the city so I think I had a little bit of local knowledge always helps,” said Clark.

He did admit though, that racing on such a scenic course did cause distraction.

“I probably hung back in the swim, swimming in the harbour in front of the Opera House is pretty special and riding across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s not something you get to do everyday  – it’s spectacular.”

“Hat’s off to everyone who had a hand in putting this event together.  It’ll be good to watch the real athletes (elite races) get out there this afternoon,” he finished.

In the women’s field, Germany’s Marion Summerer dominated in the cycle leg after coming out of the water behind Sydney’s Lisa Marangon and held on in the run to cross the line in first position.

“I feel like I had a good race, I haven’t raced in a while so I was pretty relaxed and calm, I had no expectations which is usually the best.  I was just concentrating on finishing,” said Summerer.

“It was just amazing, I am just stoked right now and thank you very much for the organisation of the event, it was a special race,” she finished.

The Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney event is the third and final race in Triathlon Australia 2011 National Triathlon Championship Series, which will take some to this year’s World Championships in Budapest later in the year.

In addition to the open category, 2200 age-group competitors took to the impressive harbour-side course ahead of the elite showcase later this afternoon.

Gen PosNameTimeCatSwimCycleRun
1David CLARKE1:56:47M-Open0:21:230:59:070:35:12
2James HODGE1:57:04M-15-190:18:550:56:340:39:08
3Mitchell KIBBY1:57:55M-Open0:21:130:59:260:36:21
4Dom AUNGLES1:57:59M-Open0:21:140:59:190:36:20
5Michael FOX1:58:04M-Open0:20:280:59:190:37:16
6Lindsey WALL1:58:17M-Open0:21:080:59:300:36:38
7Sam DOUGLAS1:58:52M-Open0:20:400:59:510:37:15
8Matthew PELLOW1:59:21M-Open0:20:460:59:440:37:41
9Troy DRINAN2:00:02M-Open0:21:260:59:030:38:21
10Leigh CHAPMAN2:00:16M-Open0:21:261:01:360:36:02
11Gareth DANIEL2:00:16M-Open0:21:281:00:030:37:25
12Nathan BARRY2:00:36M-20-240:19:271:00:230:38:48
13Troy O’SHEA2:00:58M-25-290:20:321:01:000:37:59
14Brodie GARDNER2:01:02M-Open0:22:240:59:480:37:47
15Matt PALMER2:01:03M-Open0:21:321:00:080:38:10
16Jason CHALKER2:01:30M-35-390:20:491:00:050:39:06
17Matt WILLIAMS2:01:33M-15-190:20:340:58:510:39:46
18Sean BRUNT2:01:34M-Open0:22:310:58:250:39:24
19Ben LYONS2:01:44M-Open0:20:301:00:110:40:06
20Simon BEVEGE2:01:50M-25-290:23:081:01:310:35:50
Cat PosNameTimeCatSwimCycleRun
1Marion SUMMERER2:08:31F-Open0:22:141:02:230:42:42
2Lisa MARANGON2:09:35F-Open0:21:431:05:120:41:24
3Matilda RAYNOLDS2:09:56F-Open0:23:071:04:590:40:38
4Margo MACKINTOSH2:10:38F-25-290:24:151:04:400:40:05
5Kym JAENKE2:11:02F-Open0:21:541:06:210:41:31
6Laura SIDDALL2:11:38F-30-340:22:431:03:070:43:17
7Natalie DELLOW2:13:09F-Open0:22:181:05:570:43:40
8Lauren FITZGERALD2:13:21F-25-290:23:381:03:410:44:17
9Alison RYAN2:14:19F-30-340:22:091:06:020:43:36
10Janet NIELSEN2:16:00F-Open0:23:121:11:240:39:47
11Natalie SILVESTRO2:16:24F-25-290:24:181:07:560:41:30
12Alissa WILLIAMS2:16:43F-20-240:21:351:09:000:44:03
13Lucie RICHARDS2:16:55F-30-340:24:261:06:070:43:42
14Amanda BOTT2:17:14F-20-240:22:231:07:410:45:33
15Jenelle WEBSTER2:17:35F-30-340:22:441:08:080:44:19
16Siobhan MCCARTHY2:17:54F-Open0:24:521:12:110:39:36
17Sally TAGGART2:18:13F-40-440:24:041:08:040:43:46
18Penny HOSKEN2:18:22F-20-240:22:301:07:470:46:18
19Steph AUSTON2:18:29F-15-190:22:201:09:230:44:49
20Sara FINCH2:18:45F-40-440:25:311:06:580:43:57