Emmie Charayron (FRA) claims first European Championship title

Emmie Charayron (FRA) once again reigned supreme as a European champion, this time in the women's elite division at the 2011 ETU European TriathlonChampionships. While Charayron won the 2009 Junior European Championships, she failed to medal last year as a competitor in theelite division. Howe

Emmie Charayron (FRA) once again reigned supreme as a European champion, this time in the women’s elite division at the 2011 ETU European Triathlon
Championships. While Charayron won the 2009 Junior European Championships, she failed to medal last year as a competitor in the
elite division.

However, she changed that this year with a beastly run to win the elite title with more than a minute run to spare. The French woman even had time to slow down to pick up her country’s flag and give a few high
five’s along the way.

Photo: ITU / Janos Schmidt

“I’m very, very, very happy,” Charyron said. “It was very good to
race here. It was a very hard race because it was hot, I am very pleased
to win. I remember my first junior title and I wanted to do the same

Early on in the race, top swimmers Sarissa De Vries (NED), Margit Vanek (HUN), Jodie Stimpson (GBR), Hollie Avil (GBR) and Aileen Morrison
(IRL) looked to make a break on the bike, but were shortly caught by
the chase groups. Although Charayron was nearly a minute down after the
swim portion of the race, she pushed the pace of the second chase group
to catch the lead pack after three laps on the bike.

The two chase groups fused into a large pack of more than 30 athletes
to make up a heavy lead pack. Throughout the bike, it was anybody’s
game, as the women played a giant game of cat and mouse, each jostling
for positions in the front of the pack. The bike portion saw no less
than fiver different leaders in it’s eight-lap course.

Mateja Simic
(SLO) looked to be a strong contender for a podium position, as one of
the most consistent athletes in the swim and bike segments. Despite
coming out first in T2, it didn’t take long for her to be overtaken.
Charyron wasted no time in unleashing her speed on the run, quickly
demolishing the competition.

After the first lap, Charyron owned a 20-second lead, a pace which
she maintained throughout the run. By the halfway-mark, she owned a
40-second advantage. She managed to increase her distance even more,
running smoothly to a comfortable minute and a half win.

“I was in the second group out of the water, but we rode so hard to
catch up,” Charyron said. “On the run, I felt very good and it was

Midway through the run, with Charayron out of sight, it became clear the race was for a podium position between Ainhoa Murua (ESP), Vendula Frintova (CZE), Annamaria Mazzetti
(ITA). While Mazzetti rode strong in the lead pack, she battled back
from a six-second deficit after the first lap to join the chase run

The three ran together through the final turn, when Fritova and
Mazzetti switched into high gear and sprinted towards the finish,
leaving Murua behind. Going stride for stride, Frintova found some extra
strength in the final 100 meters to sail past Mazzetti for the silver.

“I didn’t want to finish fourth,” Mazzetti said. “I wanted a medal. To finish third is a great result.
I am very happy. In the winter, when I was training, I was dreaming of this race “the European Championships. I am very happy.”

PosNameCountryTimeSwim Bike Run 
1Emmie CharayronFRA2:04:000:21:001:05:040:35:42
2Vendula FrintovaCZE2:05:270:20:551:05:070:37:09
3Annamaria MazzettiITA2:05:280:20:571:05:090:37:08
4Ainhoa MuruaESP2:05:400:20:541:05:070:37:16
5Yuliya YelistratovaUKR2:06:100:21:091:04:560:37:48
6Marina DamlaimcourtESP2:06:210:20:591:05:040:37:51
7Zsofia KovacsHUN2:06:220:21:091:05:030:37:55
8Sarah FladungGER2:06:270:21:141:04:560:38:02
9Helle FrederiksenDEN2:06:290:20:531:05:110:38:07
10Jodie StimpsonGBR2:06:410:20:131:05:500:38:16
11Irina AbysovaRUS2:06:500:20:421:05:200:38:17
12Hollie AvilGBR2:07:050:21:131:04:520:38:39
13Katrien VerstuyftBEL2:07:140:21:041:05:020:38:51
14Aileen MorrisonIRL2:07:270:20:161:05:460:39:04
15Paulina KotficaPOL2:07:340:21:131:04:590:39:04
16Radka VodickovaCZE2:07:380:20:561:05:070:39:17
17Non Stanford GBR2:07:530:20:591:05:050:39:30
18Ricarda LiskGER2:08:050:21:001:05:000:39:46
19Mariya ShoretsRUS2:08:100:20:481:05:150:39:43
20Sarissa De VriesNED2:08:230:20:141:05:540:39:58
21Charlotte BoninITA2:08:400:21:031:05:030:40:07
22Maria PujolESP2:09:070:21:071:04:560:40:43
23Camilla PedersenDEN2:09:130:20:591:05:020:40:47
24Maria CzesnikPOL2:09:190:21:211:05:280:40:03
25Lois RosindaleGBR2:09:240:21:141:04:540:40:54
26Maria AreosaPOR2:09:270:21:151:04:530:40:57
27Lydia WaldmüllerAUT2:09:300:20:591:05:020:41:09
28Margit VanekHUN2:09:300:20:081:06:000:41:01
29Daniela ChmetITA2:09:540:20:521:05:140:41:22
30Marta JimenezESP2:10:130:21:081:05:430:40:50
31Inna RyzhykhUKR2:10:380:21:001:05:070:42:13
32Agnieszka JerzykPOL2:11:260:21:301:05:240:42:13
33Kaisa LehtonenFIN2:11:560:23:031:06:120:40:16
34Anais MonizPOR2:12:060:20:561:05:040:43:39
35Rebecca RobischGER2:12:330:21:411:07:290:40:54
36Neiske BecksNED2:13:140:20:511:05:040:44:52
37Olesya PrystaykoUKR2:14:330:23:211:06:050:42:33
DNFMelanie AnnaheimSUI0:00:000:20:541:05:130:00:00
DNFAlice BettoITA0:00:000:20:470:00:000:00:00
DNFAnna BoikovaRUS0:00:000:21:310:00:000:00:00
DNFAnna BurovaRUS0:00:000:21:070:00:000:00:00
DNFCigdem GulgecTUR0:00:000:23:050:00:000:00:00
DNFLine  JensenDEN0:00:000:21:170:00:000:00:00
DNFIrina KirchlerAUT0:00:000:23:051:06:080:00:00
DNFEwa KomanderPOL0:00:000:23:060:00:000:00:00
DNFElizabeth MayLUX0:00:000:21:250:00:000:00:00
DNFCarole PeonFRA0:00:000:21:251:05:280:00:00
DNFAlexandra RazarenovaRUS0:00:000:21:041:05:040:00:00
DNFZurine RodriguezESP0:00:000:21:290:00:000:00:00
DNFMateja SimicSLO0:00:000:21:131:04:460:00:00
DNFSzandra SzalayHUN0:00:000:21:300:00:000:00:00
DNFAbbie ThorringtonGBR0:00:000:20:111:05:500:00:00