Erox Cell Air Triathlon Wetsuit

Erox's brand new Cell Air is even one big step ahead of their normal Cell sphere: It is the world's first swim suit to feature a surface similar to fish scales and its structure is covered by a razor-thin nano coating which greatly reduces the material surface.

It has the brand new hip panel (less ductile fabric) which together with the special cut, stabilises the hip.

The cell series glide through the water with a great deal less friction resistance than any other swim suit on the market. The special structure allows bubbles to develop between the water and the surface of the material, thus creating extra additional buoyancy. Cell air thus supports the perfect position in the water “a crucial pre-requisite for faster swimming times. Its attractive blue and white design also makes the cell air stand out visually when you’re competing.

The CELL AIR and CELL SPHERE PRO have 35 cm long intermolecular panels on both underarms. This brings 20% more adhesion with every stroke and enables you to more efficiently turn your strength into time.

The brand new call air has closed air bubbles inside. This makes the suit lighter, more flexible and offers more buoyancy. The air bubbles are well placed in front of the suit and not in the legs. The cell air is the best suit for all athletes who like to get high buoyancy.
Technical specification on cell air:

Body 5 mm, neck 1 mm, shoulder/arm 1.5 mm leg down 2 mm fabric erox air cell blue, back Isospan white.