Full Australian Results from the 2010 Ford Ironman World Championship at Kona in Hawaii

Australia has well and truly proved its dominance in the world's ultimate endurance triathlon, producing the 2010 male and female Ford Ironman World Champions. Chris McCormack and Mirinda Carfrae won the titles today in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. It was McCormack's second win and the fifth con

Australia has well and truly proved its dominance in the world’s ultimate endurance triathlon, producing the 2010 male and female Ford Ironman World Champions.

Chris McCormack and Mirinda Carfrae won the titles today in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

It was McCormack’s second win and the fifth consecutive year that an Australian has won at the Ford Ironman World Championship.

Both Australians ran their way to the win, overtaking American Chris Lieto and Britain’s Julie Dibens, who had led the race after the bike legs.

Carfrae, the 2009 runner-up, broke her own course run record by three minutes (2:53) and set the fourth-fastest time over the world’s hardest Ironman course (8:58) on the way to her victory.

“I had an amazing day from start to finish. I couldn’t believe I got out of the water with those girls…  and it was great weather for a fast run today,” Carfrae said post-race.

“Thank you so much everyone at home for your support, I know that sometimes I’m slow to get back to emails, but you’re always in my heart… party back in Australia!”

McCormack said he was speechless to win again, three years after he last topped the podium.

The two-time champion swam conservatively, biked his way back into contention and then set out to destroy Lieto’s four-minute lead on the run.

He passed the American at the 16-kilometre mark and went on to record a 2:43 marathon and 8:10:37 overall time.

Australia’s Ironman World Championship winning streak began when Michellie Jones became the first Australian female to win the title in 2006. McCormack won his first title the following year and then fellow NSW triathlete Craig Alexander took over the mantle, becoming only the fourth man in history to record back-to-back victories in 2009

World Triathlon Corporation (Australia) Brand Manager Trent Taylor was excited to see the Australian double.
“It’s a fantastic time for Ironman racing in Australia; having the male and female world champions representing us on the world stage will only heighten the awareness of our efforts in Australia to deliver a more prominent sport,” he said.

“McCormack is a five-time Ironman Australia champion and it’s an incredible effort to come back and win here again this year. The WTC (Australia) team hopes that his and Mirinda’s efforts will help to raise the profile of this incredible sport and its athletes within Australia.”

Other successful Australians:
9th Pete Jacobs, male pro, 8:23:26
1st Damien Angus, 36, of Brighton, Vic, M35-39 9:04:14
4th Luke Harrison, 33, Lennox Head, NSW, M30-34, 9:06:49
5th Timothy Beardall, 24, Melbourne, Vic, M20-24, 9:33:38
5th Toby Somerville, 50, Brisbane, Qld, M50-54, 9:56:18
4th Michelle Boyes, 40, Halls Head, WA, W40-44, 10:16:30
3rd Caitlin Bridgland, 24, Como, WA, W18-24, 10:54:52
6th John Hill, 53, Bondi, NSW, M50-54, 10:05:52
6th Todd Israel, 35, Sydney, NSW, M35-39, 9:12:43

Alexander, Craig12/15/437/MPRO0:51:324:39:352:41:598:16:53
Allen, David29/47/3645/M45-491:04:155:21:373:33:3910:06:51
Angus, Damien23/1/136/M35-390:59:334:47:293:10:359:04:14
Annear, John64/66/5451/M50-541:16:015:47:233:53:1611:06:38
Ariens, Mark61/59/11443/M40-441:04:205:08:303:54:3910:17:34
Armstrong, Hayden23/15/2031/M30-340:59:104:57:253:18:569:22:29
Bakowski, Thomas53/33/4529/M25-291:05:205:04:493:38:459:57:03
Barber, David85/41/12044/M40-441:05:555:05:473:58:2410:18:40
Beardall, Timothy17/2/524/M18-241:04:204:40:273:42:239:33:38
Bentley, David142/111/7433/M30-341:15:375:07:433:16:509:49:34
Bevilaqua, Kate26/32/3433/WPRO1:01:455:26:593:45:5310:19:31
Blake, Mark5/113/12545/M45-490:57:405:53:564:05:4811:08:06
Boyes, David71/28/2748/M45-491:09:565:10:083:33:559:59:08
Boyes, Michelle18/3/440/W40-441:11:365:22:113:37:3310:16:30
Brace, Bob95/95/10635/M35-391:05:295:13:143:34:0110:02:18
Bridgland, Caitlin2/02/200324/W18-240:58:285:47:364:03:1410:54:52
Buchanan, Trevor131/110/7146/M45-491:17:385:32:353:33:5510:32:34
Burton, Matthew21/09/1222/M18-241:05:114:59:513:36:539:47:39
Cadman, Duane55/76/5729/M25-291:05:265:28:233:26:2010:08:40
Carfrae, Mirinda7/04/200129/WPRO0:55:535:04:592:53:328:58:36
Clark, Ethan58/9/939/M35-391:03:004:49:183:17:489:16:47
Cleasby, Joseph18/13/924/M18-241:04:235:08:303:22:279:42:13
Collins, Daniel139/133/12236/M35-391:08:195:18:223:35:0210:09:46
Coons-Mueller, Sherry18/16/1546/W45-491:08:105:52:303:59:5711:09:10
Crossingham, Daniel129/48/9335/M35-391:07:405:01:523:41:199:57:23
Davis, Damion131/155/12743/M40-441:08:315:26:393:39:0410:23:50
Dunstan, Brett130/55/1241/M40-441:08:205:06:133:04:519:27:47
Dusting, Matthew84/43/3336/M35-391:05:115:01:343:22:369:37:32
Eppinger, Robert107/98/7332/M30-341:06:325:13:593:20:049:48:58
Ferris, Michael84/191/11644/M40-441:05:545:44:163:14:1910:17:42
Finney, Robert119/132/12645/M45-491:15:495:48:433:54:0311:09:11
Fitch, Stu4/13/957/M55-591:04:455:39:174:09:1011:01:21
Francis, Anna16/25/2530/W30-341:05:055:44:403:49:4710:46:57
Franken, Darren67/50/10642/M40-441:04:515:06:403:54:5510:15:02
Friend, Simon39/45/5137/M35-391:01:285:07:013:27:079:44:03
Goard, Luke46/22/17