Graham O’Grady on his Rev3 Portland Win

After winning New Zealand's Port of Tauranga half ironman in January this year Graham O'Grady has had his share of challenges. He went to Challenge Cairns to get back in to racing and did well, leading the race until T2 with Clayton Fettell and Chris McCormack. He ended up withdrawing la

Well what a start to my American tour with a win from start to finish in the inaugural Portland Rev3tri.

On Tuesday I arrived in Eugene Oregon after a long trip from New Zealand, actually feeling pretty good late afternoon and thinking sweet I am going to adjust to the time zone no problems. As 7:30 rolled around I was ready to hit the hay a little earlier than I was hoping. Well I took a couple of days to get into a regular pattern but come race day I was all rested and rearing to go.

A couple of weeks ago there was a venue change with the new course being super flat and fast. It was a perfect day in Portland Oregon, the warm weather had bumped the water temp up to 72 degrees so the ruling is that it has to be a non wetsuit swim which suits me being a stronger swimmer.

I had been training well and new if I raced smart I could be in with a hunt. I pushed the swim and had a handy lead exiting the water. Being a strong swimmer gives me time to settle on the bike into a pace I feel comfortable at and allows me to focus on my race. This is exactly what I did and within a few km’s I had my cycling legs and was getting into my groove.

I didn’t have intentions on staying out front for the whole ride but was feeling good and in control so kept it steady throughout. It didn’t seem loose time to anyone bar Jordan Rapp who had a strong ride to come into transition a minute down.

Heading out on the run it was pretty much the same, rhythm, control, and although the 2nd and 3rd place getter’s were only 10sec behind in the end I still had a minute lead with 2 miles to cover so was able to save a bit of energy knowing that I am racing in a weeks time at the Vineman 70.3.

It was a perfect race leading from start to finish, and am really stoked on the result.

There is some great coverage at the following link were you can watch segments of the race and also a race recap!