Hoka One One Clifton Edge 2020 Running Shoe Review

The Hoka One One Clifton Edge 2020 is a stable, responsive running shoe, ideal for 5-15km runs, but requires trying on due to a snug fit.

Hoka One One Clifton Edge 2020 Running Shoe Review

Hoka is a brand I've known for quite some time, witnessing its robust growth since the debut of their inaugural models. Initially, the perception was that they were a footwear choice for older individuals or those with knee issues - a rather unfair and inaccurate assessment. Founded in 2009, I first interacted with Hoka around 2014 when managing a running shoe store. Their Australian sales and marketing manager, Roger, was brimming with passion for the brand, a feeling that persists today. Surprisingly, it took me quite some time to try Hoka shoes out for myself.

First Impressions and Unboxing

My exploration of Hoka truly began after running in a pair of Mach 2s for over a year. This journey led me to review their latest 2020 models, including the Clifton Edge. Unboxing the Clifton Edge was a unique experience. The gender-neutral model featured a distinctive pink and orange outsole contrasted with a white upper - unexpected, yet refreshingly stylish.

The Clifton Edge: Design and Features

  • The Extended Heel and Splayed Heel Collar: One cannot help but notice the Clifton Edge's extended heel and high splayed heel collar, designed to promote smooth transitions during running. Although this feature seems unnecessary for the Clifton Edge in theory, it added a notable smoothness to my running experience.
  • The Seamless Mesh Upper and Fit: The shoe offers a medium fit with a seamless mesh upper. I would advise purchasing half a size larger than your usual, as the fit is quite snug. Trying the shoes on in a physical store before purchasing is highly recommended.
  • The Rubberized EVA Outsole: The Clifton Edge comes with a rubberised EVA outsole, providing adequate support during runs. It's stable, landing well even when striking on the lateral side of your foot.
  • The Meta-Rocker Midsole: Hoka's Meta-Rocker midsole contributes significantly to the forward propulsion, prompting you to run faster.

Test Runs and Performance

I had initially planned an easy 15-16km run for testing the Clifton Edge, covering different surfaces. However, the sheer enjoyment prompted me to pick up the pace, resulting in an unexpectedly fast run. They felt firm yet ideal for quicker runs, making them perfect for distances between 5-15km.

The Meta-Rocker's positioning led to earlier than usual forward propulsion, making me want to run faster. The Clifton Edge outperformed the usual "new shoe bounce" feeling, enhancing my speed with each stride.

Subsequent runs only boosted my confidence in the Clifton Edge's performance. They serve as excellent shoes for tempo miles, speed training, and alternative racing footwear, just like the lighter Hoka Mach 2s with 5mm less foam than the Clifton Edge. After running over 60kms in these shoes, I can confidently say they work exceptionally well for hill repeats and 10km runs.

For Whom are the Clifton Edges Suitable?

If you're a heel striker, the Clifton Edge will work well for you. They offer stability with their wide outsole splay, and like most Hoka shoes, the extra foam underfoot lessens impact without compromising speed.

Men’s Clifton Edge – Anthracite / Evening Primrose

Durability and Aesthetics

The wear and tear of the Clifton Edge remains to be seen, as they lack a layer of tougher rubber for outsole protection. The white upper might be susceptible to dirt, but a good clean should keep them looking fresh.

Concluding Thoughts

The Hoka One One Clifton Edge 2020 is a commendable running shoe, ideal for short to medium runs (5-15kms). They offer a responsive ride with a bit more feel than the average running shoe. However, be mindful of their snug fit, making it essential to try them on before purchasing.

Women’s Clifton Edge – Moonlit Ocean / Evening Primrose

Weight: Approximately 252gsm for a US Men’s 9.5

Stack Height: 29mm heel, 24mm toe, 5mm drop

Upper: Embossed TPU yarn, Padded collar, New vertical pull tab for easy entry

Outsole: Rubberised EVA

Midsole: Early-stage Meta-Rocker, New high-resiliency foam, Extended heel offering a softer landing and smoother transition from heel to toe

Price: AUD $269.95