How To Watch the PTO US Open Live

Experience live action at the PTO U.S. Open this weekend, where top pros do battle with a $600,000 prize purse.

How To Watch the PTO US Open Live

Ready to immerse yourself in the thrill of professional triathlon? The PTO US Open is broadcasting live this Friday and Saturday, and you don't want to miss it!

The Highly Anticipated Showdown: Friday's Men's Race

The competitors' list for the PTO US Open is packed with prominent names. Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt, Magnus Ditlev of Denmark, and German Jan Frodeno are some of the key athletes to keep an eye on. There's also a strong American contingent featuring the trio of Ben Kanute, Sam Long, and Jason West, among others. British Tom Bishop, German Frederick Funk, Frenchman Mathis Margirier, and the Canadian duo Lionel Sanders and Jackson Laundry are also worth watching.

The Women's Race: Saturday Showdown

Saturday brings the women's race, where reigning champion Ashleigh Gentle is set to compete against Taylor Knibb, reprising their clash from the inaugural PTO US Open. It's a spectacle that you simply can't afford to miss!

Details on Start Time and How to Watch Live

The men's race is set to start on Friday, August 4, at 1615 local Milwaukee time.

  • Milwaukee, USA (CST): 16:15 (4:15 PM)
  • New York, USA (EST): 17:15 (5:15 PM)
  • Los Angeles, USA (PST): 14:15 (2:15 PM)
  • London, UK (BST): 22:15 (10:15 PM)
  • Paris, France (CET): 23:15 (11:15 PM)
  • Sydney, Australia (AEST): 07:15 (Next day)
  • Tokyo, Japan (JST): 06:15 (Next day)
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (BRT): 18:15 (6:15 PM)
  • Cape Town, South Africa (SAST): 23:15 (11:15 PM)
  • New Delhi, India (IST): 02:45 (Next day)
  • Dubai, UAE (GST): 01:15 (Next day)
  • Moscow, Russia (MSK): 00:15 (Next day)

Prize Money: What's at Stake?

The hefty $600,000 prize purse guarantees that no one will leave empty-handed from Milwaukee. The race winner will walk away with a massive $100,000 check. The rest of the top 10 will earn at least $5,500, and even the 20th place will still receive $2,500.

As always, thanks to the Professional Triathletes Organisation, athletes' financial rewards aren't solely dependent on single-day performances. The PTO World Rankings in 2022 distributed a total of $2 million, based on the final standings. The rewards from these rankings can be substantial, potentially more than any individual event.