Inaugural Budgie Smugglers Triathlon was held on Christmas Eve at Cronulla

Paul Ambrose and Chris Stanton organised the inaurgal Budgie Smugglers Triathlon at Cronulla Beach on Christmas Eve. Taking part were Ambrose and Stanton, Chris McCormack, Craig Alexander, Chris Allum, Mick Maroney and a few other top athletes.

By Mick Maroney

The inaugural Budgie Smugglers Triathlon was held on Christmas Eve at Cronulla.

Organised by Paul Ambrose and Chris Stanton. The field included Chris McCormack, Craig Alexander, Chris Allum and myself.

The course was as follows:

  • 1.2km swim from Blackwoods Beach to North Cronulla surf club.
  • 26km bike from the club to Cape Solander and back.
  • 7km run along Bate Bay

Handicap format. Chris Allum – world surf race champ went off first with Kristy Craft – the race’s only female entrant.

Athletes went off in one minute intervals. I was off 9 mins with Alex Reithmeier and Chris McCormack. The last group off 10 mins had Sam Douglas, Paul Ambrose and Craig Alexander.

There were no rules except you had to wear budgies only and no wetties or race wheels. Old school style!

The swim pretty much played out with the last groups staying together.

Chris Allum proved he was more than a clubbie by cycling with great power and hanging on to his lead. The last three groups formed up into a peleton. Unfortunately Craig Alexander got a flat tyre – twice!

It was a mad dash off the bike into transition at North Cronulla Surf Club. Ambrose, Macca, and and Sam Douglas sprinting onto the sand – doing their best to catch Chris Allum.

Chris ended up holding onto his lead and winning by 200 metres from a fast finishing trio of Ambrose, Macca, and young Sam Douglas

Results first 10

  1. Chris Allum
  2. Paul Ambrose
  3. Chris McCormack
  4. Sam Douglas
  5. Kristy Craft
  6. Mick Maroney
  7. Hurley
  8. Parker
  9. Craig Alexander
  10. Peridis

The race was a great “Back to the future” innovation and provided an opportunity for the globe-trotting pro triathletes to mix it up and enjoy some festive season racing. The event finished off with some post race beer and sausage sandwiches.