Introducing the T100 Triathlon World Tour: A New Era of Triathlon

The T100 series debuts with 8 races across 3 continents, offering a unique 100km challenge to pros and amateurs.

Introducing the T100 Triathlon World Tour: A New Era of Triathlon

In the realm of endurance sports and for us triathletes, the T100 Triathlon World Tour marks a significant evolution, promising to captivate fans across the globe with its innovative format and world-class competition.

The Genesis of T100

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO), in partnership with World Triathlon, unveiled the T100 Triathlon World Tour, setting the stage for a groundbreaking series that spans three continents and showcases the sport in some of the most iconic cities around the world, including Miami, London, and Dubai. This initiative aims to elevate the profile of long-distance triathlon and offer a fresh perspective on the sport.

A Tour for the Titans

The T100 tour features a select group of 40 leading professional triathletes, including luminaries like Ironman World Champions Lucy Charles-Barclay and Sam Laidlow, and two-time Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee. These athletes will compete across eight races, beginning in Miami in March and culminating with a grand finale in the Middle East in November.

A Unique Format

What sets the T100 apart is its distinctive 100km format, comprising a 2km swim, an 80km bike ride, and an 18km run. This format is designed to test athletes' speed, endurance, and strategic acumen, ensuring a thrilling spectacle at every race.

Calendar Highlights

The 2024 calendar is packed with action, starting with the Miami T100 in March and spanning across various locations, including Singapore, California, and Ibiza, before reaching its climax in the Middle East. Each race promises to be a festival of triathlon, with the world's best athletes pushing their limits for glory.

The T100 Triathlon World Tour includes the following races: 

  1. 9-10 March – Miami
  2. 13-14 April – Singapore 
  3. June TBA – California 
  4. 27-28 July – London
  5. 28-29 Sept – Ibiza
  6. 19-20 Oct – Lake Las Vegas
  7. 16-17 Nov – Dubai
  8. 29-30 Nov – Grand Final – TBA

Championing the Pros

The T100 showcases the elite of the triathlon world, with 20 men and 20 women competing in each race for vital T100 points and a share of the $7 million prize money. The selection process includes athletes picked based on their PTO World Ranking and 'Hotshot' contracts awarded for outstanding achievements outside the rankings. Additionally, 'Wildcard' entries add an element of surprise, ensuring each race is unpredictable and exciting.

The Road to the Grand Final

As the tour progresses, anticipation builds towards the grand finale, where the first-ever T100 World Champions will be crowned. This culmination of the series not only promises high-stakes competition but also celebrates the achievements of the athletes who have excelled throughout the year.

Why T100 Matters

The T100 Triathlon World Tour represents a significant leap forward for the sport, offering a unique platform for professional. As the tour unfolds, it's set to redefine the landscape of triathlon, making it more accessible and exciting for fans around the world.