Ironman 70.3 Tasmania: Turbulence in Hobart's Challenging Terrain

In Hobart's tough conditions, Thompson and Sodaro win in a dramatic, wet Ironman 70.3 Tasmania.

Ironman 70.3 Tasmania: Turbulence in Hobart's Challenging Terrain
Chelsea Sodaro winning Ironman 70.3 Tasmania. Photo: Korupt Vision

Ironman 70.3 Tasmania, held in the scenic yet demanding landscapes of Hobart, offered a spectacle of endurance, strategy, and sheer willpower. The event, marked by wet and challenging conditions, saw the rise of champions Nick Thompson and Chelsea Sodaro, who conquered the course with remarkable resilience and skill. This race review delves into the pivotal moments and athletes' insights from a day filled with triumphs and trials.

Men's Race: A Battle Against Elements and Odds

Nick Thompson, emerging as a formidable force in Australian triathlon, claimed his second Ironman 70.3 victory with a commanding performance, finishing in 3:54:10. The challenging conditions of the course tested the athletes' limits, as Thompson articulated, "It’s a really beautiful course but it’s really testing, testing conditions as well." His victory, almost four minutes ahead of Mitch Kibby. "I probably wasn’t feeling the best I’ve ever felt but everybody is probably in the same boat."

Nick Thompson taking the win at Ironman 70.3 Tasmania. Photo: Korupt Vision

The race saw its share of disappointments, particularly for Olympic silver medallist Javier Gomez, who led out of the water but had to retire due to mechanical issues. Braden Currie, another strong contender, suffered multiple setbacks, including crashes and a flat tire, leading to his withdrawal. These incidents underscored the unpredictable nature of triathlon, where even the favorites are not immune to the caprices of fate and the rigors of the course.

Local Tasmanian Cameron Wurf, finishing third, encapsulated the spirit of the race, stating, "Like everyone at the start of the year, it’s a mix of excitement to get the season underway and nerves and apprehension about the unknown of where your form is at." His performance, despite a slow puncture, pushed through.

Ironman 70.3 Tasmania – Men’s Professional Results

  1. Nick Thompson – 3:54:10
  2. Mitch Kibby – 3:58:07
  3. Cameron Wurf – 4:00:01
  4. Harison Wiles – 4:06:21
  5. Jye Spriggs – 4:10:56
  6. Michael Boult – 4:13:32
  7. Mark Radziejewski – 4:15:24
  8. Martin Ulloa – 4:18:06

Women's Race: Sodaro's Strategic Supremacy

In the women's field, Chelsea Sodaro of the USA claimed a memorable victory, her first since the 2022 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship. She completed the race in 4:18:59, with Melbourne’s Grace Thek and Belgium’s Hanne De Vet following. Sodaro's triumph was not only a showcase of her athletic prowess but also her strategic acumen.

Reflecting on her victory, Sodaro expressed her elation and the significance of the win, "I feel awesome, I had the best time out there, the community here has been super welcoming to me. My swim start wasn’t awesome actually, it was a little choppier than I expected... but I got out of the water and realised that we weren’t too far back from the leaders."

Grace Thek, the top seed going into the race, finished a commendable second, showcasing her resilience after an injury-marred previous season. She acknowledged the challenging nature of the course and her competitors, "I’m looking forward to returning this year to compete against some fast ladies and see who has what it takes to take the top step."

Hanne De Vet's performance was notable, securing a third-place finish and proving her strength in a field of experienced athletes. Her swim led her out of the water, setting a strong foundation for her overall performance.

Ironman 70.3 Tasmania – Women’s Professional Results

  1. Chelsea Sodaro – 4:18:59
  2. Grace Thek – 4:23:30
  3. Hanne De Vet – 4:26:40
  4. Penny Slater – 4:26:58
  5. Sophie Perry – 4:28:30
  6. Sarah Crowley – 4:29:35
  7. Regan Hollioake – 4:29:43
  8. Laura Armstrong – 4:39:48
  9. Melanie Daniels – 4:49:32