Ironman Group Ushers in a New Era with Scott DeRue as CEO

Scott DeRue, former President of Equinox, joins The Ironman Group as CEO, promising athlete-focused innovation and growth.

Ironman Group Ushers in a New Era with Scott DeRue as CEO

In a significant move that marks a new chapter in the world of endurance sports, the Ironman Group has announced the appointment of Scott DeRue as its new Chief Executive Officer. DeRue, a seasoned leader in the fitness and education sectors, takes over the reins from Andrew Messick, who led the organisation for 12 years. This transition represents not just a change in leadership but also a reaffirmation of The Ironman Group's commitment to driving growth and innovation in the field of endurance sports.

The Andrew Messick Era: Transforming Ironman and Shaping the Future of Endurance Sports
Andrew Messick’s 12-year tenure as Ironman CEO revolutionised the brand, diversifying its offerings and promoting inclusivity while striving to become the most respected brand in triathlon.

Scott DeRue's Journey to The Ironman Group

Before joining The Ironman Group, DeRue held the position of President at Equinox, a global lifestyle brand in the health and wellness sector. His tenure at Equinox was marked by remarkable achievements, including steering the company through significant growth and maximising customer satisfaction. Prior to Equinox, DeRue was the Dean of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where he achieved new heights in brand rankings, admissions, and financial performance.

Scott DeRue, Ironman Group' newly appointed CEO.

DeRue's appointment is not just a professional milestone but also a personal one. An avid member of the endurance community, he has impressive achievements under his belt, such as completing the 250km Gobi March ultramarathon and scaling the summits of some of the world’s highest mountains like Everest and Kilimanjaro. This blend of professional acumen and personal passion for endurance sports makes DeRue an ideal leader for The Ironman Group.

The Vision for The Ironman Group

Under DeRue's leadership, The Ironman Group is poised to enhance its portfolio, which includes triathlon, trail running, road running, cycling events, and digital training platforms. DeRue plans to focus on the athlete journey and experience, ensuring that the organisation continues to host life-changing events and provide enriching opportunities for athletes.

Andrew Messick, the outgoing CEO, expressed his confidence in DeRue, highlighting his energy and commitment as key factors that will inspire the entire Ironman community. Messick will continue to play a role in the organisation as a member of the Board of Directors and as an advisor to DeRue, ensuring a smooth transition.

Andrew Messick’s Tenure: Navigating the Ironman Group to Unprecedented Growth
Under Andrew Messick’s leadership, the Ironman Group weathered significant challenges, diversified its event portfolio, and fostered an inclusive triathlon community, setting the stage for future success

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

DeRue's entry into The Ironman Group comes at a crucial time. The organisation faces the task of maintaining its position as the world's largest organiser of mass participation events, in the face of growing competition and evolving athlete expectations. The newly launched Ironman Pro Series and the partnership with the UTMB World Series in trail running are just a few of the initiatives that underscore the organisation's commitment to staying at the forefront of endurance sports.

One of DeRue's first promises is to participate in a triathlon himself, demonstrating his dedication to understanding and experiencing the athlete's journey firsthand. This gesture reflects his leadership approach, which prioritises empathy and engagement with the community.

Emphasising Athlete-Centric Growth

In his initial statements, DeRue has emphasised the importance of focusing on athletes, vowing to invest in and serve the athlete community. This athlete-centric approach is expected to guide the organisation's strategies and initiatives, ensuring that the authentic spirit of endurance sports is preserved while embracing innovation and growth.


The appointment of Scott DeRue as CEO of The Ironman Group signals a promising future for the organisation and the wider endurance sports community. With his unique blend of professional expertise and personal passion for endurance activities, DeRue is well-positioned to lead The Ironman Group in its next phase of growth and innovation.