Jonas Deichmann's Reverse Duathlon: Cycles America Coast-to-Coast, Now Set to Run Back

World record holder Jonas Deichmann cycles 5400 km from NY to LA, next aims to run back, testing human limits and aiding charity.

Jonas Deichmann's Reverse Duathlon: Cycles America Coast-to-Coast, Now Set to Run Back

Trans America twice: Extreme athlete and multiple world record holder Jonas Deichmann has completed his cycling journey from New York to Los Angeles. Now, he plans to run back to New York, carrying all his own luggage.

Why it matters: This unprecedented physical feat of endurance and determination will test the limits of human ability, while simultaneously raising funds for charity.

Setting the pace: Deichmann's cross-country cycling journey took 26 days, covering 5,400 kilometers through 11 states. The journey presented him with extreme physical and mental challenges, from the monotonous cornfields of Illinois and Nebraska to the intense heat of the western United States.

What they're saying:

  • "Towards the end of the tour, I reached my limits when crossing the Mojave Desert, one of the hottest places in the world." - Jonas Deichmann
  • "I've always wanted to run across the U.S., so this is still unfinished business for me." - Jonas Deichmann

By the numbers:

  • Cycling distance covered: 5,400 kilometers
  • Duration of cycling journey: 26 days
  • Number of states crossed: 11
  • Expected daily running distance: 50 kilometers
  • Expected arrival date in New York: Early November

Between transition: Deichmann, often compared to Forrest Gump, won fame in Mexico during his triathlon around the globe. Now, the U.S. is set to be his next stage, as he embarks on his run back to New York.

Through Time: This isn't Deichmann's first record-breaking feat. He has previously set records for major continental crossings by bike: Eurasia in 64 days, Panamericana in 97 days, and North Cape to Cape Town in 72 days.

The bottom line: Deichmann's cross-America duathlon serves not only as a testament to human endurance but also as a platform to raise funds for charity, specifically World Bicycle Relief, making it a cause that transcends athletics and touches on humanitarian concerns.