Jonas Deichmann's Ultimate Challenge: 120 Iron-distance Triathlons in 120 Days at DATEV Challenge Roth

Adventurer Jonas Deichmann sets sights on a world record with a daily long-distance triathlon at Roth.

Jonas Deichmann's Ultimate Challenge: 120 Iron-distance Triathlons in 120 Days at DATEV Challenge Roth

Jonas Deichmann, a seasoned adventurer and multiple world record holder, has announced his most ambitious challenge yet – "Challenge 120" – where he plans to complete 120 long-distance triathlons in 120 consecutive days. Starting on May 9, 2024, Deichmann will tackle the renowned DATEV Challenge Roth course daily, culminating in a monumental effort on 9th September. This feat involves a daily routine of 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling, and 42 km running, totalling 456 km of swimming, 21,000 km of biking, and 5,063 km of running by the challenge's end.


Deichmann's extraordinary journey will include participating alongside professionals and 3,500 individual athletes in the official DATEV Challenge Roth event on July 7, marking the halfway point of his endeavor. Having already gained global recognition for completing the first triathlon around the world in 2021, Deichmann aims to push his limits further in the idyllic settings of Roth. "I will always be an adventurer, but I want to find out what is really possible and where better to do that than at the legendary Challenge Roth," Deichmann explains, anticipating not just the physical but also the mental challenge of repeating the same course daily.

Felix Walchshöfer, Race Director at Challenge Roth, expressed his admiration for Deichmann's audacity, highlighting the unique and inspiring nature of his undertaking within the triathlon community. Deichmann's world record attempt will also serve a charitable purpose, raising funds for the Roth youth fire brigade and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

District Administrator Ben Schwarz has already voiced his support and excitement for Deichmann's "Challenge 120," inviting the community to engage with and be inspired by this remarkable feat. As DATEV Challenge Roth prepares to celebrate 40 years of triathlon history, Deichmann's challenge embodies the spirit of endurance, innovation, and community that has made Roth a global triathlon icon.

As Deichmann prepares for his monumental task, the triathlon world watches with bated breath, ready to witness history in the making. Through his perseverance, Deichmann not only aims to set a new world record but also to inspire a movement towards greater physical activity and charitable giving, reinforcing the transformative power of sport.