Laidlow and Haug claim victory at Challenge Mogán-Gran Canaria

Sam Laidlow and Anne Haug claimed victory at the Anfi Challenge Mogán-Gran Canaria.

Laidlow and Haug claim victory at Challenge Mogán-Gran Canaria

What's new: Sam Laidlow and Anne Haug triumphed at Challenge Mogán-Gran Canaria, demonstrating their prowess in middle-distance triathlon.

Why it matters: This race serves as a showcase of Laidlow and Haug's year should continue.

Setting the pace:

  • Stellar field including four top-12 PTO-ranked males
  • Laidlow and Haug proved their strength over the course
  • Other athletes, such as Mathis Magirier and Aaron Royle, displayed promising performances

Other notable athletes:

Men's race:

  • Mathis Magirier (FRA): Finished second in 3:40:40
  • Aaron Royle (AUS): Finished third in 3:41:40
  • Jan Stratmann (GER): Exited T2 first and showed strong biking skills

Women's race:

  • Diede Diederiks (NED): Ran up to second place, finishing in 4:17:52
  • Megan McDonald (AUS): Secured a breakthrough third place in 4:18:34
  • Caroline Pohle (GER): Led the swim, finishing in 26:22

What they're saying:

  • Laidlow: "I'm really proud, I kept telling myself I had to race aggressively and I'm really stoked."
  • Haug: "I'm so happy to take the win, it was an amazing race!"
  • Magirier: "It was a great battle with Sam, we have been racing together since we were kids."

By the numbers:

  • Laidlow's finish time: 3:40:27
  • Haug's finish time: 4:05:38

Between transition:

  • Tough and honest course
  • No respite from the Gran Canaria sun during the run
  • Laidlow took time to take on fluids in T2, showing maturity beyond his years

Course details:

  • Challenging hilly bike course
  • Fast and flat run course along the beach

Through Time:

  • Third time lucky for Haug, who had two previous aborted attempts to race in Gran Canaria
  • Laidlow and Magirier have been following each other up the ranks since they were kids

Additional quotes:

  • Laidlow on Magirier: "Mathis really pushed me today, we've been following each other up the ranks since we were kids."
  • Haug on the course: "The bike was tough and hard, but the run was so cool, you run alongside the beach, the crowd was amazing and supporting all the way."

The bottom line: Challenge Mogán-Gran Canaria showcased the competitive spirit and incredible talent of Sam Laidlow and Anne Haug, solidifying their positions as forces to be reckoned with in the world of middle-distance triathlon. Their victories highlight the importance of perseverance, strategy, and adaptability in high-stakes races.