Luke Willian Wins on Home Soil at World Triathlon Cup Wollongong

Australian triathlete Luke Willian secured a commanding victory on home soil, showcasing his Olympic aspirations for Paris 2024.

Luke Willian Wins on Home Soil at World Triathlon Cup Wollongong

Aussie Luke Willian secured a commanding victory at the World Triathlon Cup Wollongong on Saturday. The 28-year-old Brisbane-based athlete crossed the finish line 24 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Jamie Riddle (RSA), with Diego Moya (CHI) claiming the bronze medal. Willian's performance was a testament to his Olympic aspirations for Paris 2024.

The race took place under challenging weather conditions, with wind and rain affecting the course. Despite the absence of pre-race favorites Matthew Hauser (AUS) and Ben Djikstra (GBR) due to food poisoning, the remaining field was prepared to tackle the demanding course and vie for podium positions.

How the Race Was Won


Diego Moya (CHI) led the charge out of the water, completing the swim in 8 minutes and 17 seconds. Close behind were strong swimmers such as Jonas Schomburg (GER), Jamie Riddle (RSA), Tayler Reid (NZL), and Lachlan Jones (AUS). The leading group managed to create a gap over the chase pack, which included notable runners like Jake Birtwhistle (AUS) and Richard Murray (NED).


The leading group of ten athletes, including Luke Willian, worked together to extend their advantage over the chasers. Despite the efforts of Murray, Birtwhistle, Tyler Smith (BER), and Brandon Copeland (AUS) to organise the chase, the gap continued to grow. By the time the leaders reached the second transition, they had established a 36-second lead.


As soon as the athletes began the run, Luke Willian made his move. The Australian pushed the pace from the start, quickly opening up a gap that proved insurmountable. Cheered on by the local crowd, Willian maintained his lead throughout the 5km run, crossing the finish line to claim his first World Cup victory in over seven years.


Willian expressed his delight in winning on home soil and credited the supportive Australian crowd for lifting his spirits during the race. The victory marks a significant step in his journey to secure a spot on the Australian Olympic team for Paris 2024.

The race also saw a dramatic sprint finish for the silver medal between Jamie Riddle (RSA) and Diego Moya (CHI). Riddle showcased his excellent form, having already secured his ticket to the Paris Olympics by meeting the qualification criteria set by Triathlon South Africa.

Luke Willian's dominant performance at the World Triathlon Cup Wollongong serves as a strong statement of his intentions to represent Australia at the Paris Olympics. The challenging conditions and fierce competition only heightened the significance of his victory.