Michael Fox and Lisa Marangon win Huskisson Olympic Distance Triathlon

Michael Fox and Lisa Marangon have won the Huskisson Olympic distance triathlon in fine form. Lisa won after backing up from the pro series race an hour before and Michael followed on from his solid 6th against a world class field the week before at the Nepean triathlon. Lindsey Wall was 2nd in the

Michael Fox and Lisa Marangon have won the Huskisson Olympic distance triathlon in fine form. Lisa won after backing up from the pro series race an hour before and Michael followed on from his solid 6th against a world class field the week before at the Nepean triathlon. Lindsey Wall was 2nd in the men’s race with Robert Hurley 3rd. Laura Siddle had one of her best performances in an Olympic distance race with Lauren Fitzgerald 3rd making it a clean sweep for women’s first names beginning with L. 

Lisa Marangon
backed up to win the Olympic distance race in after only one
hour before taking out the pro series sprint triathlon. This was a great
effort and shows how much effort Lisa is putting in to the next phase
of her triathlon career.

A day after Huskisson Lisa was still pumped about the weekend. “I love racing the pro tour series. I will do as many as I can. Emo (Elite Energy) puts on some awesome events and the race weekend just ran so smoothly”.

Lisa is stepping down from Ironman and 70.3 distances and will be focusing on Olympic distance next year. This is why we are seeing her at these races. It is great to see an athlete of her calibre turning up and racing regularly. What next for Lisa? “I am currently looking for the right coach to train me for the Olympic distance racing. Next year I will trial a few ITU Continental Cup races. I am going to have to re structure everything that I have been doing and it will take a little time to adapt. With the right guidance I will get the best out of myself. I am up for changing so long as it makes me progress forwards, not backwards”.

2011 is going to be a huge change for Lisa athletically and personally. Sometimes you have to change old habits to move forwards and Lisa is very focused on this next phase.

Michael Fox backed up from his solid performance at Nepean the week before to take a major win. At the Nepean triathlon Michael was able to mix it with the front runners with one of the strongest swims and bikes of the day and but lost a few minutes in the run to Mitch, Brendan Sexton and Pete Jacobs. With the swim and the bike sorted to Michael lifting his run a notch and seeing him on a major race podium in the near future. Early favourite Mitch Robins pulled out during the race due to cramps after having completed the pro series race earlier in the morning. Michael will be racing at the Wollongong round of the triseries on Dec 5.

The run times were slow across the board with very quick swim times due to a slightly short swim course. (I’ll take 20mins for an Olympic distance swim any day!).

On another note I am a big gel fan. Gels are my friend. I have tried most of them in my relatively short triathlon career. When you start triathlons at 39 with no running or swimming background you need to look for any edge you can. At the Port Macquarie Half Ironman I had a number of people telling me how great the SiS Smart 1 gels were. So I got some last week and popped one for the first time ever on Sunday in the run. I can say that this was the first time I have felt such a huge and almost instant lift from a gel. It happened after about 4-5 mins. I ran with Alex Frame for the entire run. Normally Alex out runs me but on Sunday for the first time ever I stayed with Alex until about 500 meters to go. I had to conceded to his superior running ability at that stage. But up until then the Smart gel I took at the 3km mark was what kept me in the race with Alex. Also a special mention to Peter Clark who caught me with 300 meters to go and we had a sprint for 3rd place but Husky was my day. At Forster Peter got me quite comfortably.

Top Three Men

1Michael FOX 2:00:43
2Lindsey WALL 2:02:43
3Robert HURLEY 2:02:48

Top Three Women

1Lisa MARANGON 2:14:18
2Laura SIDDALL 2:15:08
3Lauren FITZGERALD 2:16:50

Age Group Resultstriseries website

53Sarah FLETCHER 2:20:58F20-240:19:021:11:010:47:31
66Jessica SIMPSON 2:23:52F20-240:19:051:12:430:48:33
172Karlie HOGAN 2:41:37F20-240:25:461:18:080:53:51
39Lauren FITZGERALD 2:16:50F25-290:19:281:07:070:47:00
50Erin HARGRAVE 2:19:33F25-290:21:401:11:470:42:37
61Stephanie GRAVES 2:22:15F25-290:20:561:09:560:48:06
115Therese MCLAREN 2:31:55F25-290:23:591:14:180:50:08
122Carley STEPHENS 2:33:31F25-290:22:231:19:260:48:07
126Amy BENNETT 2:34:04F25-290:21:171:15:310:53:34
194Samantha PLAYFAIR 2:45:35F25-290:26:251:20:440:54:31
204Liliana GUISCARDO 2:47:41F25-290:19:001:21:141:03:18
238Elizabeth ROGERS 2:54:08F25-290:25:101:22:151:02:51
265Katie GREEN 3:13:39F25-290:28:481:29:271:08:09
31Laura SIDDALL 2:15:08F30-340:19:071:07:330:45:21
78Jennifer DALGLISH 2:26:19F30-340:21:101:12:120:49:03
88Nicola HARRISON 2:27:20F30-340:22:471:10:250:50:17
91Anna WOODROW 2:27:47F30-340:19:351:15:170:49:27
188Rita HANLEY 2:44:38F30-340:25:411:21:340:53:23
196Ariane PICKARD 2:46:03F30-340:24:121:19:380:57:58
200Madeleine SKINNER 2:47:08F30-340:22:491:24:240:55:34
210Sarah GOLDSMITH 2:48:57F30-340:26:211:22:400:56:00
258Melissa BIRD 3:02:29F30-340:26:561:25:321:06:39
267Jane BURNDRED 3:17:01F30-340:29:281:31:051:10:59
268Olivia BARRETT 3:22:02F30-340:30:311:35:581:08:40
108Estelle VON ABO 2:30:30F35-390:21:011:14:390:51:33
113Katrina SKELLERN 2:31:45F35-390:20:531:16:360:50:55
118Natasha GEREBTZOFF 2:32:22F35-390:21:061:13:560:53:25
129Sally GORDON 2:34:21F35-390:22:371:18:000:51:51
136Jade HANCOCK 2:35:07F35-390:22:251:13:300:55:47
142Kerry SEADON 2:36:13F35-390:20:231:12:520:59:23
143Melanie HEADLEY 2:36:16F35-390:21:281:20:330:50:41
152Lowana STIRK 2:37:57F35-390:24:591:18:290:50:30
158Nicole STANNERS 2:38:54F35-390:22:171:16:250:56:27
168Georgia BAMBER 2:41:03F35-390:24:531:18:260:53:46
169Nienke OOSTRA 2:41:09F35-390:29:271:14:510:53:27
173Emma BIDSTRUP 2:41:42F35-390:23:541:19:000:55:11
183Elizabeth HILL 2:43:41F35-390:22:281:17:091:00:26
191Rowena SINCLAIR-SMITH 2:44:55F35-390:21:311:19:490:59:55
211Lee MACKIE 2:49:10F35-390:26:001:24:250:55:00
216Lenell HOLLYWOOD 2:50:44F35-390:25:071:26:250:54:33
220Kylie RAMSDEN 2:51:01F35-390:23:331:27:360:56:07
226Tabitha HARTWELL 2:51:49F35-390:26:591:22:280:58:20
233Jenni WALL 2:52:43F35-390:27:121:25:180:55:51
240Nancy HANCOCK 2:54:29F35-390:24:551:27:480:57:35
246Francesca BOASE 2:56:15F35-390:24:001:23:191:04:45
249Kelli FISCHER 2:57:50F35-390:28:551:24:060:58:59
257Kirsten CARGILL 3:02:07F35-390:26:271:26:471:04:56
260Kirsty GRACE 3:04:25F35-390:24:171:24:541:10:54
52Sally TAGGART 2:20:29F40-440:20:111:11:560:45:02
202Rachel MONAHAN 2:47:10F40-440:25:461:24:590:52:11
221Susan FLYNN 2:51:10F40-440:26:361:20:550:59:25
232Lisa BEATH 2:52:40F40-440:23:041:20:401:05:02
239Francoise COURIER 2:54:24F40-440:21:091:23:171:05:46
253Rebecca STURROCK 2:59:14F40-440:29:161:24:240:59:52
254Vanessa MACBEAN 3:00:20F40-440:27:481:27:201:00:30
161Louise BIRDSALL 2:39:38F45-490:26:181:18:580:50:22
164Sarah GREEN 2:39:49F45-490:28:571:17:080:50:07
170Carol BRUCE 2:41:24F45-490:23:201:19:390:54:43
228Anne LINGAFELTER 2:51:57F45-490:25:451:23:220:58:49
222Gladys WOODS 2:51:15F50-540:27:111:23:300:56:22
237Susan NICHOLSON 2:53:52F50-540:24:321:24:151:01:05
244Deanne JOHNSON 2:55:55F50-540:25:001:25:041:02:10
262Barb BEARD 3:08:30F50-540:26:551:23:301:13:37
184Catherine TULLOH 2:44:10F55-590:23:111:20:390:56:30
225Catherine VERRY 2:51:46F55-590:28:541:19:400:59:26
29Lisa MARANGON 2:14:18FOpen0:17:531:08:030:45:07
18Brad FRASER 2:11:02M15-190:18:351:07:330:42:00
130Daniel HOGG 2:34:27M15-190:19:301:17:210:53:42
17Peter ZITZELSBERGER 2:09:58M20-240:19:231:04:520:42:43
25Sam GARLING 2:13:36M20-24