Kona in Pictures: Race Week – Gallery 2

Kona in Pictures: Race Week – Gallery 2
The Kona swim course
The Coffee’s of Hawaii boat anchored a few hundred metre’s off shore serves coffee daily to swimmers during race week
Looking back at Dig Me Beach where the swim start takes off from alongside Kona Pier
Past Ironman legends line Ali’i Drive along the finish chute
Looking out along the swim course from Dig Me Beach
Dig Me Beach is the place to be first thing during race week
Swimmers place their bags and belongings here whilst they swim. Best not to keep valuables in your bag though.
How often do you see a bike of this value locked up with a chain in a bike rack?
The Kona swim course
Spot Anderson spotted at Dig Me Beach
2013 Ironman Champion Frederick Van Lierde honoured on Ali’i Drive
The Ironman World Championship features in the local sports pages
Daylight Mind cafe has a beautiful deck to sit in the sun and enjoy a coffee
Daylight Mind barista bar
Leanda Cave draws some attention on Ali’i Drive
The Nuun tent keeping everyone hydrated during the heat of race week
Photo opportunity!
Endurance Conspiracy
Bikes are a great option to get around during race week
Little local food stands provide some of the freshest food in Kona
Brazilian food just down near the main event centre
Scooters are a popular way to commute for the locals
The beautiful blue waters started to whip up some whitecaps on Thursday. Thankfully the winds appear to have settled for race day.
A local makes hats out of banana leaves to sell to tourists whilst a friendly local officer looks on
Some of the best sashimi fish is available on the island
Construction of the finish line grandstand begins on Wednesday of race week.
The construction goes up quickly and with minimal impact on Ali’i Drive