Nepean Triathlon Ushers in a New Era with the Help of Elite Energy

Mark "Emo" Emerton and Elite Energy rescue and reinvent Australia's Oldest Triathlon, setting the stage for an exhilarating 2024 Nepean Triathlon.

Nepean Triathlon Ushers in a New Era with the Help of Elite Energy

The future of Australia's Oldest Triathlon, the Nepean Triathlon, is looking brighter and more vibrant than ever. After facing a series of challenges, including a partnership fallout and a damaged Regatta Centre, the event's fate seemed uncertain. But thanks to Mark "Emo" Emerton and his team at Elite Energy, the historic event will continue to thrive and inspire.

Approximately five weeks ago, the organising committee made the difficult decision to close the event due to uncertainties. The crux of the matter was a dissolved partnership that aimed to elevate the event's profile, coupled with the Regatta Centre's lingering disrepair from flood damage, which made course planning a considerable challenge.

It looked like the only viable path was to significantly scale back the event. However, in a turn of events that has infused new energy into the Nepean Triathlon, Emo and the Elite Energy team have stepped up, guaranteeing that the race's legacy will remain intact.

As of October 1, 2023, Elite Energy will take the helm, marking the end of a volunteer-led era. Entrusting the race to professional race organisers ensures it receives the meticulous planning, commitment, and vigour it merits.

The Nepean Triathlon will now be postponed to the weekend of 6/7 April 2024. All current entries will be shifted to this new date, and participants can expect some invigorating additions to the event lineup.

Emo, who had participated in one of the inaugural Nepean Triathlons in 1984, expressed his excitement and commitment, "Having a profound passion for triathlon, we eagerly initiated talks to ensure this long-standing event's future." Elite Energy plans to infuse its signature energy into a two-day festival at the Regatta Centre. While preserving most of the conventional events and distances, they'll introduce the Neapen Classic (2/60/15) and utilise Castlereagh Rd, eliminating the uninviting short loops. An added highlight will be the Saturday Enticer, which will boast the Australian Super Sprint Championships status, making the stakes even higher.

Emo's dedication and reverence for the event are evident, as he added, "Our team is thrilled to be part of triathlon history and is committed to reviving some of the event's loyal partnerships for 2024 and beyond. Our goal is clear: keep triathlon in the riff."

The Nepean Triathlon team extends its gratitude to everyone who has unwaveringly supported the event through thick and thin. As they hand over the reins to Elite Energy, they urge the community to continue supporting this iconic race. With Emo and his team's involvement, the Nepean Triathlon is poised to reclaim its position as one of Australia's premier races.