Noble's Nail-Biting Finish and Hill's Dominance Light Up Mooloolaba Triathlon

Caleb Noble wins with a dramatic photo-finish, while Richelle Hill secures a commanding victory in the Mooloolaba Triathlon.

Noble's Nail-Biting Finish and Hill's Dominance Light Up Mooloolaba Triathlon
Caleb Noble taking the win at the Mooloolaba Triathlon. Photo: Alex Polizzi

In the realm of triathlon, few events capture the essence of competition, camaraderie, and sheer athletic prowess quite like the Mooloolaba Triathlon. This year's edition was no exception, with Caleb Noble and Richelle Hill seizing the spotlight, each clinching their respective titles under dramatically different circumstances.

Caleb Noble: A Victory for the Ages

Caleb Noble's win in the men's race will be etched in Mooloolaba Triathlon history, not merely for the win but for the manner in which it was secured. Picture this: Noble and Charlie Quin, shoulder to shoulder, hearts pounding as they barrel down the 10km run leg. The finish line in sight, a crowd holding its breath, and then — a dive. Noble's dive across the finish line clinched his victory with a photo finish that had spectators and competitors alike buzzing with excitement. Both athletes clocked in at an impressive 1:45:53, with Kurt McDonald completing the podium.

Noble's reflection on the race paints a vivid picture of competition at its finest. "Coming home the last two kilometres with Charlie, it was," Noble shared, the exhilaration of the moment still palpable in his voice. His strategic play, leveraging the headwind and executing multiple surges, showcases the mental and physical game at its peak.

Mooloolaba Triathlon - Men's Results

  1. Caleb Noble – 1:45:53
  2. Charlie Quin – 1:45:53
  3. Kurt McDonald – 1:47:26
  4. Jarrod Osborne – 1:48:17
  5. Roland Crantock – 1:52:32
  6. Gus McDonald – 1:53:11
  7. Mathew Phillips – 1:54:58
  8. Jordan Chugg – 1:55:10
  9. Tom Grieve – 1:55:31
  10. James Thorp – 1:55:37
Richelle Hill winning the women's race at the Mooloolaba Triathlon. Photo: Alex Polizzi

Richelle Hill: A Commanding Performance

On the women's side, Richelle Hill's victory was no less significant but came with its own narrative — one of dominance and redemption. Clocking in at 1:56:51, Hill left no doubt about her place atop the podium, finishing a solid four minutes ahead of the defending champion, Lotte Wilms. This performance was a culmination of hard work, strategic planning, and perhaps, a touch of vengeance for past races where things didn't go as planned.

Hill's race day began neck and neck with Wilms, but a late surge on the 40km bike leg gave her the advantage needed to enter the run with confidence. "It was great," Hill exclaimed, reflecting on the support and atmosphere that propelled her to victory. "I felt so good out there, everyone was cheering, and it was just great."

Mooloolaba Triathlon - Women's Results

  1. Richelle Hill – 1:56:51
  2. Lotte Wilms – 2:00:59
  3. Emily Donker – 2:06:35
  4. Kirra Seidel – 2:07:11
  5. Kristie Caplikas – 2:09:11
  6. Belinda Murray – 2:11:18
  7. Alana Hewish – 2:11:32
  8. Liana Fitzpatrick – 2:12:49
  9. Lauren Mewing – 2:13:26
  10. Emma McInnes – 2:13:56