Noosa Triathlon sees some of the sports biggest names lining up for a piece of history

The honour roll of the Noosa Triathlon features the names of Australian triathlon royalty. When it comes to races on their home soil it's the one most Aussie athletes consider “the event,” at the end of a career the absence of a Noosa title may have many feeling their CV is a little lackin

Noosa Triathlon sees some of the sports biggest names lining up for a piece of history
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The honour roll of the Noosa Triathlon features the names of Australian triathlon royalty.

When it comes to races on their home soil it’s the one most Aussie athletes consider “the event,” at the end of a career the absence of a Noosa title may have many feeling their CV is a little lacking.

Last year two new names were added to the winners list. Peter Kerr and Ashleigh Gentle both pulled off the biggest wins for their careers.

For both winning produced a feeling they find it hard to put into words, but it’s a feeling both are keen to replicate at the 2013 edition of the race.

“It was completely awesome, I guess I had planned and prepared quite heavily towards a good result. I had hopes but didn’t know what exactly would eventuate. First place was dreamed about but never expected so to be in the lead was an absolute high. Something now that will always be a very significant happy memory,” Kerr said.

“I am expecting the crowd and atmosphere to be just as spectacular as it was last year and I am really looking forward to being a part of it all again. As for the race itself, I am predicting it will be a fast swim which will set the tone for a close and exciting race women’s race,” added Gentle.

While Kerr is desperate to add title number two to his trophy cabinet, two of triathlon’s most well-known and respected names will be trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. Courtney Atkinson and Greg Bennett will both be at Noosa, going all out for the win.

Atkinson is looking to cap off a stellar year that saw him make a successful transition to Ironman 70.3 distance.

“To come back and win in Noosa now that I have left the Olympic distance ranks for long course would be quite ironic. I always want to win! I’ll be out there doing my best to try and bring home a fourth title,” Atkinson said.

“My goal post London Olympics when I chose to continue racing in triathlons was simply to follow my passions and see where it took me.

“Undefeated at Ironman 70.3 distance in my first attempts; racing in ideal locations and spending plenty of time racing off-road. Definitely been a great year and plenty of things still left to do yet in 2013.”

Bennett is equally excited to be racing, and described the event as the best triathlon week on the planet.

“The Noosa Multisport festival is the best triathlon weekend on the planet. I’m very excited to be able to fit it in again this year… it’s been a long time! It’s been a long year of racing but both Laura and I wanted to come back to Noosa and hold our fitness until we take a good break in December,” he said.

The women’s race looks set to be a ding dong battle, with any number of athletes possessing the pedigree to take the top spot on the podium.

Gentle is coming off a great year that saw her finish 7th in the ITU World Triathlon Series rankings, and she’s well aware that as defending champion the target is well and truly on her back.

“It (winning again) will be very tough to do so. I’m racing some great competition and my run preparation has been mixed but I look forward to Noosa every year, so I can’t wait to enjoy the festival,” she said.

Greg Bennett’s better half Laura is also racing and expecting a tough race.

“I would love to have some of the perfect spring weather we have been getting … blue skies, cool breeze, and full sun! Race wise I am expecting a lot of the young Aussies to be firing and ready to go. So a very fast run.”

And like husband Greg she is full of praise for the Noosa festival.

“My prep for Noosa is coming along. I have just come off a September of racing and travel with a crash to kick it off in the first of the races. So I’m clawing my way back to some fitness in this short time period,” she said.

“Never the less, I am excited to be racing Noosa. It is a place we call home and a course we have trained on for years. The best part of it though is the great weekend USM events puts together. With the cycling race, swim race and finally the tri. We tell people all over the world this is one to be a part of, so get down if you can.”

Event Details “Noosa Triathlon

Race Start: Sunday 3 November 2013, 06.15am

The Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival runs from Wednesday 30 October “Sunday 3 November, 2013.


Bib # Cap Colour First Name Last Name DOB Category Race Country

1 White Peter Kerr 17/09/1988 Male Elite Australia

2 White Courtney Atkinson 15/08/1979 Male Elite Australia

3 White Ryan Fisher 05/04/1991 Male Elite Australia

4 White Brad Kahlefeldt 27/07/1979 Male Elite Australia

5 White Joseph Lampe 30/04/1988 Male Elite Australia

6 White Greg Bennett 02/07/1972 Male Elite Australia

7 White Clayton Fettell 29/05/1986 Male Elite Australia

8 White Dan Wilson 03/06/1985 Male Elite Australia

9 White Aaron Royle 26/07/1990 Male Elite Australia

10 White Josh Amberger 12/04/1989 Male Elite Australia

11 White Sam Betten 07/02/1988 Male Elite Australia

12 White Ben Shaw 14/11/1991 Male Elite Australia

13 White Cameron Good 10/11/1986 Male Elite Australia

14 White Tom Davidson 05/01/1990 Male Elite New Zealand

15 White Bryce McMaster 28/12/1989 Male Elite New Zealand

16 White Shane Barrie 25/01/1988 Male Elite Australia

17 White Ryan Bailie 19/07/1990 Male Elite Australia

18 White Luke Farrell 05/03/1993 Male Elite Australia

19 White Marc Widmer 15/06/1984 Male Elite Switzerland

20 White James Hodge 18/01/1992 Male Elite Australia

21 White Mitchell Kibby 28/09/1988 Male Elite Australia

22 White Lucini Audric 06/07/1992 Male Elite France

23 White Patrick Baldacchino 19/09/1989 Male Elite Australia

24 White Nathan Buschkuehl 18/01/1993 Male Elite Australia

25 White Daniel Coleman 23/03/1995 Male Elite Australia

26 White Hamish Hammond 06/04/1990 Male Elite New Zealand

27 White Lachlan Kerin 09/10/1994 Male Elite Australia

28 White Richard Pearson 16/03/1989 Male Elite Australia

29 White Kieran Roche 08/03/1993 Male Elite Australia

30 White Benjamin Williams 07/10/1983 Male Elite United States

31 White Ben Cook 20/05/1994 Male Elite Australia

32 White Jonathan Butler 28/09/1994 Male Elite Australia

33 White Giles Clayton 28/12/1983 Male Elite Australia

34 White Daniel Stein 10/04/1986 Male Elite Australia


Bib # Cap Colour First Name Last Name DOB Category Race Country

61 Black Ashleigh Gentle 25/02/1991 Female Elite Australia

62 Black Mel Hauschildt 13/04/1983 Female Elite Australia

63 Black Emma Jackson 20/08/1991 Female Elite Australia

65 Black Felicity Abram 16/08/1986 Female Elite Australia

66 Black Emma Moffatt 07/09/1984 Female Elite Australia

67 Black Liz Blatchford 05/02/1980 Female Elite Australia

68 Black Laura Bennett 25/04/1975 Female Elite United States

69 Black Sarah Crowley 04/02/1983 Female Elite Australia

70 Black Nicky Samuels 28/02/1983 Female Elite New Zealand

71 Black Charlotte McShane 14/08/1990 Female Elite Australia

73 Black Kirralee Seidel 08/04/1986 Female Elite Australia

74 Black Rebecca Preston 04/09/1979 Female Elite Australia

75 Black Kym Jaenke 23/03/1977 Female Elite Australia

76 Black Maddison Allen 05/10/1992 Female Elite Australia

77 Black Gillian Backhouse 20/06/1991 Female Elite Australia

78 Black Lyndal Dew 30/09/1990 Female Elite Australia

79 Black Penny Hayes 19/06/1991 Female Elite New Zealand

80 Black Sarah Lester 01/08/1985 Female Elite Australia

81 Black Lauren Parker 15/12/1988 Female Elite Australia

82 Black Melinda Vernon 27/09/1985 Female Elite Australia

83 Black Annelise Jefferies 08/09/1992 Female Elite Australia

84 Black Laura Siddall 10/09/1980 Female Elite Great Britain